Fleet Management Company provides advice and information about Gauteng Open Road Tolling

The Gauteng Open Road Tolling System is the topic of much debate amongst road users, the media, businesses and politicians. Earlier today it was revealed that the ANC in Gauteng has demanded answers about the implementation of this system.

It is not only politicians who are in need of answers, but also businesses and everyday road users! Businesses have to budget for these extra costs and it is especially those managing large fleets of vehicles who are most interested in the impact that the Gauteng Highway Improvement Project and these new toll roads might have on their bottomline!

Fleet Management Companies are taking a pro-active approach and are sharing information with their clients.

We would like to share information provided by Eqstra Fleet Management to clients:

Brief to Customers

“Dear customer,

Facilitaton of Open Road Tolling (ORT)

On Friday, 4 February 2011, the South African Natonal Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) announced the toll tariffs and discount structures of the 42 tolling points as part of the rollout of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP).

Eqstra Fleet Management (EFM) is committed to keeping customers up to date with legislaton and current project implementatons from the South African Government. As EFM is solutons driven, we extend to all our customers the benefit of leveraging from our expertse.

We also acknowledge the significant impact that the implementaton of ORT will have on your fleet. We have been closely involved with a project plan over the past few months with SANRAL to develop a soluton that will facilitate and complement the services provided to you, based on both technical and operatonal project plans that allow for our system to directly interface with the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system.

What is the Open Road Tolling (ORT) SYSTEM?

This form of electronic toll collecton (e-tolling) is a multi lane free flow electronic tolling system that allows for tolls to be charged without vehicles having to stop or slow down i.e. there are no physical toll booths.

When will ORT be implemented in Gauteng?

The Open Road Tolling (ORT) system will be implemented on Gauteng freeways in the second quarter of 2011.

How does ORT work?

Overhead gantries will be fitted with the toll collection equipment that will recognize the electronic transponder (e-tag) in a vehicle, toll will be deducted from a user’s registered e-toll account; this ensures that a user is able to travel without any disruption. A vehicle’s number plates will be photographed from the front and back as part of the verification process, as well as for those that do not have an e-tag.


EFM registered vehicles will be registered with SANRAL. EFM will facilitate the ORT on your behalf. Vehicles that are registered in the customer’s name will be registered with SANRAL by obtaining a written request and permission.

Once the vehicles are registered with SANRAL, an e-tag will be allocated to each registered vehicle. The e-tags are linked with the vehicle they are allocated to and they work in the same manner as a fuel card allocated to a specific vehicle. These e-tags will be issued for registered vehicles at no cost however they remain the property of SANRAL.

Should an e-tag be lost or stolen, SANRAL will charge a fee for the lost tag; this fee will be billed to your EFM account.

We will have a dedicated team that will facilitate damaged e-tags with SANRAL, and depending on the outcome of the investigation; you may be charged for the e-tag.

Payment and reportng

Each time a registered e-tag passes under a toll gantry, a transaction will be created by the ETC and sent directly to EFM. The transaction value will include any discounts and will be debited to your monthly EFM account. This will be administered in the same manner as a fuel card. EFM will facilitate the entire process, therefore there is no need for a pre-paid amount to be purchased or facilitated from your side. The costing will be billed directly to you from EFM.

We will have direct access to a secure site that will be provided by SANRAL, for the validation and facilitation of all toll transactions. Detailed reports will be provided monthly, and on adhoc basis which will include the comprehensive toll transactions. We have dedicated resources working closely with SANRAL to provide accurate up to date reporting, in order for you to manage your toll costs with indicators of the discounts applied, and also allow you to identify exceptions and risk areas.

You will appreciate that providing this additonal service includes additional administration for EFM and this
unfortunately will mean that the service will attract an administration fee which is payable by all customers.

Details of the actual costs will be communicated by your EFM Sales Consultant when finalized. For your convenience payments will be done via your normal methods. Please be assured that, in line with our standard operating model, EFM is currently investigating ways to automate this process; thereby reducing administration costs for both ourselves and our customers.


The e-tags will be cancelled when the vehicle is sold, stolen or written off, and EFM will facilitate the incident based on the information supplied by the customer in order to de-activate the tag in real-time on the Open Road Tolling network.

In brief

EFM and SANRAL are working closely for the swift management of the ORT system. We assure you of our relationship with relevant parties in order to facilitate the process on your behalf.

Any queries can be directed to your EFM Sales consultant directly. For further information we have a dedicated email address ort@efm.co.za

Tel: 021 959 8800 Fax: 021 959 8920

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