How can traffic analysis increase safety for road users and reduce crashes?

On the Arrive Alive website we have shared information on technology and how data can assist not only fleet managers but also everyday road users to reach their destinations safely and timeously.

Car insurance companies are also recognizing the importance of effective traffic flow in reducing car insurance claims. The OUTsurance Pointsmen are providing a very important service to drivers who are confronted daily with congested traffic brought about by road crashes and traffic lights not working.

With increased traffic congestion and higher levels of frustration we need to assist drivers to avoid the highly congested roads and to route them around these hazards where possible. But how do we do it – and who is the best at collecting data and making this available to road users?

The Arrive Alive road safety partner TomTom has emphasized their focus on the main objectives:

  • Being the best at Live Traffic!
  • Providing the Best Maps covering the most Areas!

We would like to share a very informative clip on how Tomtom Traffic Solutions is aimed at making life easier and safer for all road users!!

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