How can we prevent an elderly Alzheimer’s patient from driving?


Subject:        Family member with Alzheimers




I live in SA. I read your article on people driving with Alzheimers. I have a family member that has Alzheimers. Following a car accident this person does not drive anymore as the car was severely damaged and the doctor has instructed that the person can no longer drive. We are now at a situation whereby the individual is determined to drive again and threatens to by another car. We have confiscated her drivers license card.

My questions are:

1)Is there any way my means of the law or through the doctor that this person can be legally not allowed to purchase and drive a vehicle?

2)Do car dealers require a copy of a valid drivers license in order to purchase a car?

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Section 25 of the NRTA allows the MEC of a province to have a person retested.

Section 15 also states that a person who is not mentally fit to have a licence must inform the MEC and the licence will be withdrawn.



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