The Sharks support Anti-Bullying

The Sharks are pleased to announce the launch of our Anti-Bullying Campaign in partnership with Childline KZN, which aims to raise awareness and support a serious issue that is becoming more prevalent amongst the youth in our country.

The Sharks is a family-orientated brand that prides itself in providing good, clean wholesome entertainment and it is thus fitting that our brand, together with our players, takes an active stand to highlight the bullying crisis in our country and assist in educating our youth in an attempt to remedy the situation.

Sporting personalities are viewed as role-models by the youth and many of them aspire to be like their heroes. The Sharks enjoy great support amongst the youth of our country and the idea of launching an Anti-Bullying campaign was centred on the fact that our players would like to utilise the exposure they receive and the platform they have to make a lasting difference and raise awareness of the problem. Their communication would be based on their life experiences as well as the discipline of sport and the need for team work and team spirit to fulfil a common goal.

“We want to emphasise that everyone has the ability to be a winner and that “Bullies are losers” … therefore we want to encourage them to be remembered for the right reasons,” said Michael Ablett, Marketing Manager for The Sharks.

A one minute video was created and showcases well-known past and present Sharks Players and other celebrities delivering an Anti-bullying message in order to highlight and hopefully remedy the real problem of bullying in schools and the trauma it causes to children’s lives.

To further enhance the message The Sharks and Childline KZN will visit local schools to address students and the schools will be supplied with support material to aid them in educating children.

“Bullying is found in many schools and communities in South Africa and can often affect the social enviroment at home and school, creating a climate of fear, which inhibits their ability to learn, and leads to other antisocial behaviour,” said Linda Naidoo, Director Childline KZN. “Although it is often overlooked and underestimated, it usually has a life-long effect on victims, who may become abusive adults or live in depression.”

Sharks Coach John Plumtree added: “I encourage all of us to take a stand and bring an end to this seriouse problem in our communities and schools. We hope that our campaign pushes the message home to both parents and students.”

Childline KZN’s Crisisline is available to help children deal with the issues of bullying and support when they feel alone and scared. Childline KZN Crisisline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Bullying involves the bully, the victim and the bystander.

Approximately 45% of children are either bullied or bullies.

Bullies harass and terrorise their victims in the form of physical, mental or sexual abuse.

Chrionic bullies often remain bullies into their adulthood.

Fear of being bullied leads many children to stay away from school.

If you would like to assist Childline KZN with donations, please contact 031 312 0904 for more assistance.

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Issued on behalf of The Sharks and Childline KZN.

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