Is there a time limit within which a car damaged in a collision needs to be repaired?


I was involved in a small car accident. I bumped the back bumper of another vehicle. it was just a small mark on the other car.
I wanted to find out if there is a time limit in which i have to have the other car repaired? the reason i ask this is because it has been over a month now and the driver of the other vehicle has not taken his car to be repaired yet. my fear is that by him waiting so long, the damage could increase and then I am liable to pay for that.

please let me know.


In terms of the prescription act of SA the other party has 3 years from the date of accident to proceed with a claim against you.

However he has to proof by way of quotations immediately after the date of accident what his damage was. If he takes too long you can argue that the damage was not accident related.

It is always good to take a photo with your cell should you be in a bumper bashing.

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We also referred to an Expert from OUTsurance and would like to share the response:

“The person that you bumped into has a period of three years from the date of the accident to claim the repair amount from you.

To safeguard yourself against additional damage, we would suggest that you have the other person take his car to a panel-beater and obtain a quotation of the damages.

You will then have the current damage amount and additional damage that may be incurred can be excluded.

You can also suggest to the other person that you will pay him the cash to have the vehicle repaired.  If you do that then please have him sign a document confirming that he has received full settlement and that he relinquishes any claim against you or your insurer.



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