View the Crime Stats per Province per Police Station

The South African police can be commended for allowing access to view the Crime Statistics for every Police Station across the Country!

We would like to quote from the Speech by the Minister of Police:

“The release of the South African Police Service (SAPS) crime statistics for the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 is a duty that must be understood by society as a reflection on the work done in the fight against crime.

The crime statistics that we are sharing with the nation this morning indicate a mixed bag with marginal downward trends in some of the crime categories. Where government succeeds, we will continue to draw from the lessons and replicate in other areas. Where government is not pleased, we will re-commit ourselves to creating a safer South Africa. When it comes to our commitment in fighting crime – we remain unshaken.

In dealing with these challenges, we further draw inspiration from Gallileo Galilei who said, quote: ‘All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox. Facts which at first seem improbable will, even on scant explanation, drop the cloak which has hidden them and stand forth in naked and simple beauty.’

As we did the previous past two years, we also engaged a number of different role-players to compare their experiences with regard to certain crime types. We have noted that there is convergence on our crime statistics with various independent stakeholders, especially in relation to sectors such as business, tracking and insurance.

All percentage increases and decreases are calculated on the basis of ratios per 100 000 of the population (per capita figures) in line with international practice. This is done to equalise our population growth and be able to scientifically compare provinces different sizes with each other. All the figures will be available on the SAPS website.”

View: Crime Statistics Per Province per Station

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