Correctional Services comments on court ruling regarding Waterkloof Duo

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) welcomes the ruling by the North Gauteng High Court yesterday (12 June 2013) in the case of the wrongful conversion of the sentences of offenders F R Tiedt and G M A van Schalkwyk into correctional supervision.

The ruling of the High Court entails that:

*             The decision by the Regional Court on 15 December 2011 in terms of which the sentences of the two were converted into correctional supervision is set aside.

*             The warrants for the release of the two offenders are set aside.

*             The two offenders were ordered and directed to return to the

Zonderwater Correctional Centre to continue serving the original sentence imposed on them.

*             The ruling of the court is to take effect from 10 July 2013.

Upon their return to Zonderwater Correctional Centre they will merely continue to serve their sentences as if not released.

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