Couple who defrauded banking clients arrested in Durban

The police are fast making headway in the on-going fight against crime in a big way, especially against Fraud in the banking industry. This success can only be attributed to the symbiotic relationship between the SAPS and all the banks.

On Monday 2 June 2014, members of the Durban South Currency Detection Unit and Durban South Highway Patrol were called upon to track down and arrest a couple employed by one of the banks in Durban. It is alleged that two suspects aged 31 and 34 were part of a syndicate that targets bank clients by using employees to move monies from their accounts to theirs. One suspect works at a branch in Durban, whilst the other is stationed at Verulam.

On Saturday 30 May 2014, a bank client in Ladysmith reported the mysterious disappearance of R 400 000 from his account, the day before. The bank called in a Forensic Investigator who immediately started investigating the case. He called upon members of the SAPS who helped him follow the money trail to a couple based in Durban.

Members arrested the suspects and conducted a search for the money as they realized that R 100 000 had be withdrawn from the account earlier in the day. The suspects were found in possession of R 10 500 when they were arrested, and later during the house search at their residence in Redhill north of Durban. It is believed that the couple were on their way to deliver the stolen loot to the syndicate when they were nabbed. Police sniffer dog “Erica”, a Belgian Shepard trained to detect money and her partner Sergeant Xulu from the Durban South Currency Detection Unit went straight to the suspects’ bedroom and picked up the scent of the remaining R90 000 inside the couples wardrobe.

Both suspects are due to appear in court on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.

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