Mangaung police station makes community aware of crimes against women and children

(From left to right): Lt Col Ledimo, Col Winnie Mokalake, Lt Col Lefefa and Lt Col Ntlati handing over pamphlets to a member of the community.

Mangaung police station celebrated its 10th anniversary on Wednesday, 4 June 2014. As part of the celebrations, police conducted a door-to-door campaign to make the community aware of crimes against women and children and contact crimes.

Mangaung cluster stations also used the opportunity to celebrate a marked decrease in crime in their five precincts, namely Botjhabela, Joe Slovo, Phahameng, Rockslands and Namibia Square.

Colonel Winnie Mokalake, who has been heading the station for more than three years now, said she was proud to say crime had been reduced to more than 30% in the area.

The strategy used to achieve this success was to make house visits on weekly basis, advising people about their rights and teaching them how to assist the police in reducing and reporting crime.

Col Winnie Mokalake and a member of the community

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