TransUnion 1Check wins in the ‘Best App Developed by an Agency’ category at the New Generation Awards 2016

TransUnion’s multi-award winning 1Check app wins in the ‘Best App Developed by an Agency’ category at the 2016 New Generation Awards in Johannesburg on 13 October. The app has previously been named as the 2012 MTN Android App of the Year and won in the South Africa Mobile App category at the 2015 MMA Standard Bank Smarties Awards.

1Check provides motor dealers with the ability to make instant, informed decisions through access to quality, validated data on a single platform in real time. At the heart of the app is TransUnion’s extensive database of over 19 million consumer records and the TransUnion Auto database – the largest database of vehicle manufacturers, financing and valuation records in South Africa.

Kriben Reddy, Director Product Development at TransUnion Auto Information Solutions, says, “We are honoured to have won the New Generation award as it demonstrates that we are focusing on the needs of our customers and that we are leading the charge of digital transformation in the automotive industry.”

Reddy says the popularity of the 1Check app can be attributed to the convenience and efficiencies it provides to users through mobility. “By simply scanning a vehicle licence disk or driver’s licence on a smart device, the dealer has instant sight of all the information needed to help make the right decision about a vehicle, a seller, or a buyer,” he says.

1Check was designed to create a single interface that delivers multiple products to its users. The app enables data-driven decision making by cross-validating data in real-time from multiple stakeholders including, but not limited to, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa and the South African Police Service.

“Using the app is like having access to a wealth of information, including vehicle pricing guides and potential customer profiles, at your fingertips. It truly puts the power of information in the palm of your hand, eliminating the need for cumbersome and time-consuming paperwork processes,” says Reddy.

The ability of the app to provide valuable information in real-time is crucial for dealers to make informed decisions at any stage of the sales process.

For example, dealers can evaluate the potential risk of a customer before entering a sales negotiation, or even before allowing a customer to take a vehicle on a test drive. It also allows the dealer to evaluate the credit standing of the customer in order to determine the level of financing the customer would be able to obtain. This means dealers can identify upselling potential and reduce non-viable leads.

Other features of the app include the ability to upload and manage stock on the platform and to assess a vehicle’s accident history.

Reddy says that the app is also available for use in the insurance industry as the information required at point-of-claim and underwriting is the same as the data car dealerships require.

1Check is available as a free download on iOS and Android operating systems and Reddy says TransUnion aims to launch a consumer version through a partnership soon.


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