ZARyoursafety on South African Roads

Think road safety. Every day, people rely on their cars, motorbikes, bicycles, buses, taxis, private transport service, walking, etc., when commuting from A to B. The point is that everyone is road users.

For many years, road safety has been a major concern for, not only traffic authorities but for those involved in the automotive industry; such as instant car buying service, CarZar. In light of the magnitude of road traffic accidents within South Africa, CarZar aims its headlights on the importance of defensive driving and possessing sound knowledge of the country’s K53 Road Rules.

At this time of the year, it is important to renegotiate and make conscious decisions that adjust to the heightened morning and afternoon traffic saw on the city’s streets.

Statistically, young people retain the highest involvement in road crashes. And this is mainly a result of backwards awareness of the importance of wearing a safety belt, wearing protective gear when riding a bike, and of following road signs. On the other hand, supplementary road accidents are simply due to drunken driving, speeding, dangerous overtaking without indicating, not following the K53 rules of the road, pedestrians jaywalking, among others.

Reducing these alarming road incidents are actually not that difficult. Knowing your K53 road and traffic sign rules is an important part of maintaining road safety for yourself, as well as for other drivers. Road traffic signs have been designed to regulate road traffic. This includes ensuring road traffic safety and seamless traffic flow. Road and traffic signs are placed at roadsides as a reference for road users.

It may seem like a lot to learn, but the best way to do so is to dig back into your K53 learner’s license book and go through what you have forgotten.

Just to jump-start your memory, CarZar has put together a few vital K53 road signs, which act as a pictorial guide to ensure road user safety:

  1. Regulatory signs: Adjusts and controls road users’ actions. For example, a triangular ‘yield’ sign.
  2. Warning signs: Ensures road users are attentive to threatening road conditions.
  3. Guidance signs: Directions which help road users find their way.
  4. Information signs: Offers relevant information for road users.
  5. Road markings: Warn, control and regulate users by providing painted directions and traffic lane limits.
  6. Traffic signals: Traffic lights control pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

But following the South African K53 Road Rules are not the only way to ZAR (value) your safety.

If you’re road tripping, especially during morning and evening peak hours, try to recognise potentially dangerous drivers, as well as pedestrians and children. With school holidays making headway, it is important to keep a lookout for children playing ball games on the road. Although every driver may be aware that roads are not the place to play, children do not possess the knowledge road safety.

Be a responsible motorist. If you plan to go on a road trip, travel during the daytime and take breaks during travels. Certain roads do not even have road lamps. It is also important to ensure that your vehicle is in roadworthy condition. When last have you checked your tyres? Tyres can cause severe damages, as well as a chaotic road accident if they burst. Statistically, checking your overall vehicle before hitting the road reduces road accident risks by 15%.  If you want to retain a healthy motor vehicle electrical and mechanical, get your regular vehicle servicing and repairs done. ZARyoursafety.

Buckle up! Wearing your safety belt is not only vital in ensuring road safety, but it is also a South African road traffic law – if you were not aware. Doing so will greatly see stats in road deaths and injuries spiral downward.

Pay attention. Do not drive when tired. But most importantly, do not drink and drive. Placing your cell phone out of site will also reduce physical, cognitive and visual distractions from the road; thus increasing the odds of a car crash.

Headlights are important at night. Some drivers turn off their headlights at night, as it is “too bright for them”. However, turning on your headlights at night will extend pedestrians’ road safety. The safety of others is just as essential as yours. However, pedestrians also need to consider that wearing lightly coloured clothing will increase their visibility to drivers at night. Both driver and pedestrian need to be considerate road users.

The biggest killer – Speeding. Do not feel pressured to keep up with other drivers. If you’re speeding because you’re late, there is no point in trying to turbo your way to your destination – you’re already late, you may as well make your way there safely.

A few more words of road wisdom:

Obey the rules of the road. Ensure your car is roadworthy. Drive responsibly. Arrive alive.

Every festive season, South Africa experiences a long holiday weekend period involving hundreds of road fatalities and thousands of car accident injuries. Value your road safety with CarZar, the fastest way to sell your car online.

ZARyoursafety on the roads with CarZar during the festive holiday.

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