Quad bike insurance required to protect from accidents and injury

On the Arrive Alive website we have shared information on the risks of quad bike injuries. This is a rather significant threat to the safety of young inexperienced quad bike riders. We raised our concerns on the Accidents Blog in a post titled “Protect your children from quad bike injuries”

A visitor made some interesting comments on this post and revealed that the threats to safety are not limited to SA, but are also the topic of much discussion in the UK. I would like to quote”

“This is such a hot topic right now, not just in ZA but also in the UK. Here are a few concerns we addressed in a post to a Quad Bike Magazine just a few months ago.

Firstly, there should be a law introduced whereby the child cannot ride one of these without a supervising adult – no excuses! Also, should the Quad Bike or ATV be taken onto a public area, the Police to have the power to remove the machine and crush it. Thirdly, and here is the big one – stop the manufacturers from putting flashing signal indicators, lights and brake lights on them as standard

Why? Because kids think that because they are fit for the road, that they can be used on the road. Also, should they use them on a public highway or land without consent, that the guardian is then liable under the law for a heavy fine.

Those were our issue’s – but we went one deeper than that, and suggested that there be a specific test to ride on of these machine – because as the law stands right now, anyone over 17 can ride one on a car licence – and let us be frank, they handle nor drive like a car!!

Quad Bikes and ATVs need to be governed properly – there are far too many fatalities because of people who just don’t understand them!”

Much more attention is required to the prevention of accidents. But what do we do about the safety of the bike?

Quad Bike Insurance / ATV Insurance

Quad bikes to be operated safely at speed require specialised driving techniques. I recently shared some thoughts with Leander Pienaar, owner of JetSport and a former winner of the Roof of Africa racing event, about the skills and preparation required before riding these vehicles at speed. Even with the best training accidents may happen  – and the owner will need to protect against the potential financial harm!

It is important to protect the quad bike with effective quad bike insurance tailor made for these vehicles. I would like to share advice from the Arrive Alive website:

Specialist Insurers / Unique characteristics of the Quad Bikes/ATV’s

Quad Bikes/ ATV’s are specialized vehicles and they differ vastly in engine size and type of use. Quad bikes can have either manual or automatic transmission, and steering is done via a set of handlebars. The engines are similar to those of a motorbike, typically ranging from 50 to 1000cc.

Today’s bikes fall into two broad categories: “sport” ATVs are two-wheel drive and capable of speeds of up to 120kph; while four-wheel-drive utility vehicles are primarily designed to handle rough terrain and have a top speed of around 100kph.

The type of coverage you need for your quad bike depends on the type of riding you do. Types of quad insurance include insurance for leisure quads, sports quads, utility quads, ATV quads, and dune buggies. There is even special insurance available for competitive riding.

Not all insurers have the expertise to provide specialised insurance for quad bikes. Many motorcycle insurance companies who offer quad bikes insurance don’t appreciate the different needs of quad bike owners and the multiple ways in which quad bikes differ from motorcycles. The more caution and responsible the way they are used, the lower the accident risk.

There are however insurers who specialize in quad bike/ ATV insurance, and who have insurance products specifically designed for quad bikes. We would like to provide information to emphasize why special attention is required when considering quad bike insurance.

What is insured under Quad Bike Insurance?

Quad bike insurance can provide the following cover:

* Full Comprehensive cover, while being used off road. This is damage from theft, fire, vandalism or any other covered peril

* Insurance cover for fire and theft

* Accidental/ collision damage – Damage to your quad bike from a collision with another ATV, rocks, trees and other obstacles

* Third party insurance

* Cover for race track use (subject to prior notice and some conditions)

* Breakdown cover for the costs associated with towing if necessary

* Road side assistance cover can include services such as battery jump-starting, tire changing, and locksmith services.

* Cover for Fire Extinguishing charges

* Cover for cross-border use, where cover is extended Cover is extended outside of South Africa to Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Botswana.

Extra Options available with Quad Bike /ATV Insurance

It is worthwhile to consider and enquire about some extra options available, such as

* Emergency Medical Evacuation service

* Trauma Assistance

* Optional personal injury cover

* Optional cover for your helmet and all protective clothing up to a specific value.

Questions for your Quad Bike / ATV Insurer

We would like to advise that you ask the insurer a few questions as well. These could include:

* Does my insurance cover riders of all ages?

* Does my policy cover more than one individual?

* Are the modifications and customisations to my bike also covered and has this been specified?

* Am I covered outside of South Africa?

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  • November 27, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    I have 2 DS 450 quads that I would like to insure for full comprehensive.

  • January 28, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Most people under estimate the dangers of riding a quad bike but the unfortunate fact is that the injury rate is very high. People need to think carefully about their safety gear (as you would with a normal two wheeler) as well as the insurance.

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