How do male and female drivers perceive the driving ability of the other gender?

Much of the recent publicity on “Women only car insurance” has focused on the decision by the European Court on gender discrimination. On this Blog we have discussed the finding that it is discriminatory to calculate insurance premiums based on gender.

We have also quoted other posts from the Car Insurance Blog and motivated our opinion that there are enough statistical data to justify cheaper car insurance premiums for female drivers.

Driving habits and a study on responses by drivers from both genders

I have come across an interesting study which reveals that a lot of women drivers actually like the way that men drive! The driving habits of the opposite sex have been revealed in a survey of 2 000 motorists for car accessories retailer Halfords. We would like to share some insights on what it is that we like about the driving of the other gender – and what we don’t like!

Feedback and responses from women drivers

  • Most admired are the male skill of parking in a tight space and reversing.
  • Nearly half of the women questioned said the thing they most loved about male drivers was that they knew what to do if there was a flat tyre or the car broke down.
  • Forty-one percent liked the ease with which men can park, while 39 percent admired their skill at manoeuvring and reversing.

Feedback and responses from male drivers

  • Most admired by men is the fact that women drivers will remember to take something to eat on long journeys – and will ask for directions when they are lost.
  • 46 Percent liked the way women always pack refreshments for a journey and organise lunch and coffee stops.
  • More than one in four praised women’s willingness to ask for directions, while others liked their courtesy to other road users.

What do they dislike about the driving of the other gender?

  • 66 Percent of women disliked the fact that many men drive too close to the car in front,
  • 40 Percent of men were annoyed by the time it takes women to get in and out of parking spaces.

Perceptions when driving together

It is also interesting to focus on another study about the perceptions from both drivers when sharing the vehicle with one another. The Institute of Advanced Motorists have found that more men are comfortable sharing the vehicle with a female driver than the other way around. The survey was done amongst 1000 drivers – 520 male and 480 female.

We would like to share some of these findings:

  • Only five percent of men are sometimes not relaxed or never relax when their wife or girlfriend is behind the wheel.
  • As many as 15 percent of women are sometimes not relaxed when they are driving their male partner, and about eight percent are never relaxed.

The responses on driving habits also reveal some interesting insights which could explain some of the reasons why women drivers qualify for cheaper car insurance.

  • Twice as many men as woman say they are confident when at the wheel – and this over confidence often results in vehicle accidents.
  • When partners drive out together, men are four times more likely to take the wheel than women – but when couples go out to the pub or to a party, it is usually the woman who drives home.

Many more women than men say that other drivers make them nervous on the road. Women are more nervous in certain environments, such as in fast-moving traffic and bad weather. This nervousness could contribute to a greater focus on safety, reduced speed and less serious accidents.

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