Compare insurance even if you do not change insurers

What should you be paying for your insurance? Many consumers complain about rising insurance costs -yet do little to protect themselves. We all should be able to answer the following simple questions:

  • What is my insurance premium?
  • What are the insurance premium I would pay for the same cover and benefits at another insurer?

Only through the simple process of insurance comparison are we able to establish whether we are paying a fair premium for insurance. Insurance premiums tend to increase along with the costs of administration and other inflationary pressures and you could expect to pay more on your insurance every year. This does however not mean that you should merely accept these price increases. Not every insurer will increase rates at this same percentage and as regularly….

I would like to provide an example to illustrate how important insurance comparison might be:


Earlier last week I had a discussion with a good friend on Insurance and specifically on cheaper insurance premiums often to be found through the direct insurers. I made reference to a friend who found very favourable premiums to insure his golf clubs and bicycle, and advised that he approach Outsurance for a quote by merely clicking on the banner on Insurance Chat.

He was rather pleased to find that the quote from Outsurance to insure his camera and laptop was significantly cheaper than at his existing insurer. On contacting his existing insurer and informing them that a can find a cheaper insurance premium, they were willing to match the premium quoted!

He did not even need to change from insurer- and yet were able to save on his monthly insurance costs!


Consumers need to make informed decisions. An informed decision will however only be possible if you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and information. This will allow you either to compare quotes or give you the power to challenge or change your existing insurance.

With a little bit of effort – you can save significant amounts of money on insurance costs. Do not expect your existing insurer to approach you and present the opportunity of paying less on your insurance premiums. Be pro-active and compare quotes so you too can be paying insurance which is fair…This is what you should be paying!!

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