Is your art insured against pothole damage during transport?

An artist couple from Bloemfontein witnessed how 73 of their paintings went up in flames shortly after striking a pothole at the foot of Oliviers Hoek Pass.

The couple Kotze believe that their vehicle, a Renault Trafic Panel Van, suffered an electrical short when they were unable to avoid driving through a large pothole. The couple were on route to the South Coast to exhibit their art at several galleries, something they do once a year.

Potholes result in loss of valuable fine art for Bloemfontein artists.

The estimated value of the paintings is approximately R470,000 and includes works from a few other painters. Not only the works of fine art, but their baggage, documentation and camera equipment were also destroyed in the fire.

The couple confirmed that they do have insurance on both the fine art as well as on the vehicle.

They are happy to be alive and even though these paintings can never be replaced, they are prepared to start afresh.

Are your fine art insured?

We would like to urge all artists and gallery owners to ensure that they have insurance to cover their fine art not only at home or at the gallery, but also when transported.

Uniquely South African road conditions are unfortunately providing significant risks to the transportation of art. It will be important to communicate with your broker or insurer to establish whether you are covered against these perils!

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Smile – but only if your camera and equipment are insured!!

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