Will service delivery sway your insurance vote?

With the local elections exactly a month away many South Africans are confronted with the dilemma “Who to vote for?” One of the most important themes used by politicians is that of “service delivery” – and the ability to provide and deliver quality services for all.

There are several synergies between choosing either a local councillor or an insurance company – and we would like to discuss a few of these on Insurance Chat.

  • You need to make a decision!!

It is neither required by South African law to vote, nor to have insurance. It is however incomprehensible how people abstain from voting and risk not being insured. Do not complain and criticize others for your poor situation if you do not make a decision at the polls or with your insurance!

  • You need to make an informed decision

This is the time that we are bombarded by advertisements, marketing campaigns and promises. We need to find the right candidate or insurer amongst the maze of promises. We can read in the media, visit websites and talk to friends. We need to discover the truth ourselves and find where the credibility is to be found!

  • Service delivery a soft spot in any campaign

The major theme in political campaigns is undoubtedly the need for service delivery. For ordinary citizens this is what we care about most. We feel the agony, pain and discomfort when there are failures in providing water, electricity, roads and rubbish removal.

In meeting our insurance needs this is perhaps a slightly less noticable requirement. For many insured clients chaos only erupts when the insurance claim is rejected. We do not interact with our insurers daily – but when we do- we would like to believe that our insurers are competent and able to provide professional services!

Service delivery amounts to much more than the processing of a claim. It includes advice, professional feedback and responses to queries, safekeeping of records, innovative product design etc.

Biggest distinguishing feature – We do not need to suffer from the wrong decisions made by others!!

No matter how well informed a voter might be in the local municipality – he will still be bound by the majority decision in his local municipality. Your neighbours might decide and vote for a candidate which you would rather not like to see heading service delivery in your area.

With insurance decisions you are in FULL CONTROL!! You are not bound by the insurer chosen by your neighbours. You may benefit from your own informed decision – and if YOU are not happy – YOU may decide to switch insurers irrespective of what others might do!

We would like to encourage more insurance clients to make informed decisions. Make more enquiries, ask more questions and exercise your right to have a fair expectation of quality service with your insurance needs!!

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