Do you need insurance for your golf cart?

Golf carts have become an accepted form of transport away from the golf course – in fact, many golf carts might never get to drive on the grass of a golf course. Instead, they might be used in gated communities, airports, large shopping centres, game lodges or even at a military base.

Many will however be used or kept at the golf club and will be used by male and female golfers, by young and old! In this post we would like to consider the insurance needs of those individuals who are fortunate to have their own golf carts!

What are the dangers? Why do you need insurance?

Even without movement, there might well be wear and tear or other damage to the cart – it is however when this mode of transport is used for its intended purpose and starts moving that we are likely to find the most risks.

Accidental Damage

–          When operated within the vicinity of other carts and vehicles there is always the risk of collision.

–          Golf cart accidents are most often caused by unsafe driving from inexperienced drivers.

–          Golf carts might also overturn and roll down steep embankments.

–          Accident risks are higher within gated communities and areas where roads are shared with much larger vehicles.

–          Golf carts are slow and may struggle to get out of the way of faster approaching vehicles.

Environmental Damage

–          Adverse weather such as wind, hail, fire and lightning

–          Falling tree branches can cause considerable damage to the roof and windshield of the vehicle.

–          Flood or water damages may ruin an electric cart’s systems, requiring extensive repair work or flat-out replacement.

Risk of Crime

–          Vehicle loss caused by theft

–          Malicious damage caused by vandals such as a smash to the windscreen or damage to seat cushions

What are the terms and conditions of a golf cart insurance policy?

When insuring your golf cart, always check the terms and conditions of the policy, and especially the exclusions stipulated. This could potentially change the way you operate the vehicle. Different insurers are likely to differ in the manner in which they insure golf carts.

At Outsurance the golf cart is covered under the VEHICLE section and there are a few options e.g. including or excluding accident damage. Fire and theft cover are included.

There is no cover for:

•             accident damage when the golf cart is used on public roads

•             liability for any damage to property or injury

•             racing, timed trials and track events

Conclusion and Advice

It is best to conclude with reference to a quote on golf:

“They say golf is like life, but don’t believe them.  Golf is more complicated than that.”  ~Gardner Dickinson

Your golf cart insurance need not be that complicated! Communicate with your insurer. If you consider the costs of club membership and equipment, green fees and caddy fees – golf cart insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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