Do you know how to avoid the traffic circle and roundabout crash?

Too many South Africans do not have a clue on how to drive at traffic circles and roundabouts! These road traffic designs, which are supposed to facilitate the easy flow of traffic, are causing much confusion and frustration. The benefits are supposed to be the following:

  • Traffic calming
  • Reduction of angle and head-on crashes
  • Reduction of crash severity
  • Improvement of intersection capacity
  • Aesthetic improvements

Unfortunately there are more agitation, fear and a multitude of side swipe accidents and insurance claims from driving at these intersections.

On the Arrive Alive website we have tried to address this topic in a section:

Driving around Traffic Circle / Roundabout

Some however still fail to understand the basics. With this in mind we approached Gavin Hoole, author of many of the K53 publications.

Gavin created four Web pages that should cover everything there is to know about driving at traffic circles and roundabouts:

Traffic circles and roundabouts (overview)

Traffic circle general rules (summary)

Mini-circle rules

Roundabout rules

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