Health Professions Council warns against paramedics with fake qualifications

Thousands of paramedics are practising with fraudulent certificates, the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) said on Tuesday.

More than 400 people had already been de-registered by the Professional Board for Emergency Care, which falls under the HPCSA, said spokeswoman Lize Nel.

She said an additional 1,000 members would be removed from the register later this month.

Nel said this followed an investigation carried out in collaboration with the Hawks, into the quality of training and education provided by the Limpopo Ambulance Training Academy (LATA).

LATA’s fraudulent registrations resulted in people who had no training and education working as emergency care personnel, she said.

Those holding a qualification from an unaccredited institution or from a training centre involved in issuing fraudulent certificates would not be allowed to register with the board, Nel said.

Raveen Naidoo, chairman of the Professional Board for Emergency Care, condemned criminal, unprofessional and unethical conduct.

“We will not allow a handful of corrupt people to bring our highly esteemed profession into disrepute.”

He urged prospective students to check the accreditation of training centres. – Sapa

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