Do not trust your remote control to secure your car safely!

Warning Sign at Waterfront Parking in Bloemfontein

During the past few months we have received several reports from motorists of belongings taken from the safety and security of their vehicles despite their vehicles being closed.

It has however also been revealed that more and more criminals are using “blocking devices” to block the signal from remote controls thereby keeping the vehicle doors open and allowing ease of access to take from the vehicle whatever the criminals desire!!

This was addressed in a post titled:

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We would once more like to emphasize the contents of 2 earlier posts where we shared important insights as to the methods used by modern day thieves to steal cars or break into cars.

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We would like to provide the following safety suggestions:

Advice to Vehicle owners to avoid theft from their vehicles

•        Be alert and cautious to where you park your vehicle.

•        It is best to park where there are many people around and in the vicinity of security cameras.

•        Be on the lookout for people who are wandering around for no apparent reason.

•        If you are spending time in a restaurant and it is possible – find a seat within view of your vehicle.

•        Do not rush away from your vehicle without checking whether your vehicle is indeed secure.

•        Wait for the “beeb” from the immobilizer – or even better – see that your doors are locked.

•        Close all the windows of your vehicle

•        It is best not to leave items such as Ipods, cellular phones, GPS devices, laptops etc within your car for all to see!

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