Australian man alerts police to burglars at his home from 8000km via his iPad

Thieves love technology and the ease with which they can take and transfer possession of these valuable items. As consumers we all dread having to add these items to our insurance portfolio. These items include laptops, tablets, iPads, smart phones etc.

It certainly brought a smile to my face when I read earlier today that this very same technology has helped to apprehend burglars at a home in Australia! I would like to quote from

“A homeowner was shocked to catch two alleged thieves in the act when he logged on to web cameras while away.

The man, from Noble Park North in Melbourne, discovered his house being ransacked 8000km away when he logged on to an iPad.

Stunned, he phoned a friend who alerted police.

“I was shocked,” the homeowner said. “I was watching them for a good two minutes before I called the cops. I didn’t know what to do.”

Thousands of dollars in electrical equipment including a flat-screen television, alcohol, shoes and even a dog bed were stolen over two visits as three cameras streamed the action.

The homeowner bought the cameras on eBay for $89 each about three years ago to help keep his house safe.

“But I never thought they would come to be used one day,” he said.

Springvale Constable Bianca Aitken, one of three officers called to the burglary, said she had never heard of such a case.

“You obviously have CCTV footage, which helps, but to actually get them on an iPad from the other side of the world is a pretty good find, I think,” Constable Aitken said.

“I guess he was being cautious with going overseas, but it paid off.”

OzSpy Frankston managing director Evan Dodd said web cameras and more sophisticated surveillance systems were becoming an increasingly popular way to protect homes. “A lot of them are connected to the internet and it’s a big selling point,” he said.

“You can just jump on your smartphone and see straight away if someone is in your house.”

Two men were arrested at the scene, one jumping through a side window in an attempt to escape.

A 32-year-old Mulgrave man and another aged 55 from Noble Park North were each charged with burglary and theft.

Their cases were adjourned at Dandenong Magistrates’ Court yesterday until December 14 and January 13.

The homeowner said he remained shaken even though the burglary was more than two months ago.”

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