Be Proudly SA and make the difference this festive season by joining the DOnation Campaign

December is here and along with the festive season excitement the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) has launched the DOnation campaign with the hope of avoiding any blood shortages.

“Traditionally December is a difficult time for SANBS, as we are not able to meet the demand for blood by patients, and this is the daily need that is not met for terminally ill patients let alone any trauma incidents like accidents. If previous years’ blood stock levels, of the same period, is anything to go by, we know that we have a tough times ahead,” says Vanessa Raju, Brand and Communications manager.

The DOnation Campaign is a call to all South Africans, to pledge their commitment to blood donation, because when we make a conscious decision to support a cause or a sport or anything else we make a difference, we become a “nation of doers”.

So while we go on with all the excitement of this happy family time, spare atleast 30 minutes, as this is all it will take to make a difference to a patient in need of blood. It is only possible to meet the demand with the help of caring and dedicated donors.

Where Can I Donate?

To find out where to Donate , sms you NAME and POSTAL CODE to 31454.

Join the Nation of Doers this festive season… donate life-giving blood.

To find out more about the SANBS, visit us on or call 0800 11 9031.

Also view the Arrive Alive website for info on:

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