Focus on registration documents when transferring ownership of a vehicle


Good morning Sir/Madam

We bought a vehicle from a lady in Port Elizabeth. Unfortunately the Seller, after 3 years, has not supplied us with the cars registration papers. She claims it is due to delay by NATIS, in Loveday Street.

Please could you advise us to the steps to follow in obtaining the above-mentioned documentation. The cars licence has since expired and this is now a matter of great urgency.


Unfortunately the legislation does not make provision for a situation where the title holder does not supply the registration certificate.

You can only apply for registration with documentation if the title holder has handed the registration document to you and you lost it or of the title holder cannot be located. The title holder is compelled by legislation to hand over the registration certificate when a vehicle is sold.

I would suggest that you use legislative mechanisms to obtain the valid document. It could be that the lady has sold you the vehicle without the knowledge of the actual title holder.

Kevin J. Kara-Vala

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