Mountain bikers urged to respect safety of pedestrians on nature walks

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The Arrive Alive website received an interesting email from a concerned citizen pleading for greater attention to the safety of pedestrians on nature walks. It appears that in some areas there may be a threat to the safety of especially our elderly pedestrians where they share these pathways with the adrenaline seeking mountain bikers.

Herewith the email:

“I happen to live on an Eco Estate in KZN and there are many residents that have raised concern and discontent by the developer using nature walk trails through the estate that will be used by elderly people and children to be used in future by mountain bikers on the residential estate. While one recognises the need for cycling it has been stated that they should restrict this to peremiter or dedicated paths and not use the same paths for pedestrians and nature walks as well as mountain bikers. The risk of injury is too high. They chose to ignore these appeals.

I have given my input on the line of the above but need someone else who may assist in bringing this matter objectively in perspective and not risking injury or lives. The impact of a biker on a pedestrian on a path especially elderly or child is bound to be tragic. Kind regards Don Smart (Adv) Guide to motor law SA.”

Conclusion and Advice:

This is unfortunately something to be taken up with the developers and management of these Eco Estates and Gated Communities. As private property owners they will be responsible for traffic calming in these areas!

We would like to urge all road users to respect the right to safety of other road users as well!

On the Arrive Alive website there are 2 sections well worth of your attention:

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