What are the penalties for late vehicle license renewal?


I need to know,what are the penalties of being late for Vehicle License Renewal and can one be arrested and fined upto R1500.00 please assist?


Your question may seem like one which should have a simple answer associated with it, but unfortunately it is not as simple as it seems.

At best, it can be seen as failing to renew one’s license disc for which a fine can be issued in the quantum of R500 may be issued under AARTO – or the amount as specified by a Magistrate in areas where AARTO is not in force.

At worst, failing to renew one’s license disc is a serious offence in that a vehicle that does not display a valid license disc is considered to be unlicensed and therefore unroadworthy and many traffic authorities view this as a reason to impound the said vehicle.

The National Road Traffic Regulations makes provision for late licensing penalty fees which can and do severely impact on the amount of money one has to part with in order to licence a vehicle that has an expired licence disc and it is here that things get “tricky” as the combined late licensing and penalty fees increase the amount payable by huge quantum’s and do allow licensing authorities to refuse to process any transaction until such time as the penalties and fees are paid. This is often confused with them being allowed to take the motorist’s money and then refuse to issue the licence disc but the National Road Traffic Regulations are quite clear on this.

The following provisions of the regulations have reference:

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I had a motor vehicle that was written off in an accident in January 2009. The vehicle was taken by the insurance since then and sold as scrap in 2010. I have since discovered that I owe penalties of R4051.75 for not renewing the license of this vehicle and can therefore not get a disc for my current vehicle. I have just discovered that I was supposed to deregister the vehecle which I did not know until now. I was under the impression that the insurer and their salvage are responsible for all that since the vehicle was no longer mine.

Please advise as to the legality of this and steps going forward.


Hi Larry

Did you get a solution on this? I am in exactly the same boat, dont know what to do. Please let me know how you resolved this issue?

Thank you


I have just attempted to renew several of my vehicles licenses. The Licensing Department took the money printed a forms without discs, but refused to print discs for these vehicles. I am in business and have since been issued a fine for not displaying the disc. This is the first time that I was made aware of a vehicle (Mercedes outstanding since 2002) that may or may not have belonged to me. My husband has previously had arrears on motorbikes which we have never owned. This has been so long ago that I certainly do not recognize the registration number. One thing I do remember is that my daughter wrote off a Mercedes in and about that time and I had to get the local Police out to ascertain that the vehicle was a wright off. This document was, as you can imagine duly delivered to the Licensing Department. Should I have been made aware of this matter previously, I could have taken measures to rectify same, but after 10 years I just do not know what to do. Legally they say that records must be kept for 5 years. I have no records and the amount of the fine now is far more than I could afford. Am I now forced to close my business and leave 46 people without jobs?

The licence of my vehicel expired 31 December 2013…I believe there is a “period of grace”? How much is that time and where can I find the official document referring to it?



I purchased a vehicle of which the previous owner is deceased. i have the papers but no disk. how do i go about getting vehicle on my name. cant track down previous owner(deceased) or relatives of which the papers is still on his name.

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