Be Alert to Online Banking Scams trying to get hold of your account details!!

Never ever allow others to get hold of your banking details by completing any form via the internet or on your cellular phone!Rather go to the bank if requested to verify any account details or change anything with regards to your account!

Example of Online Banking Scam:

Earlier today I received the following email:

“Attention Valued Customer.

We are currently running a new reactivation process on all cellphone banking profiles for better service delivery in 2012.

For this reason, it is compulsary that you manually reactivate your cellphone banking service by download the attached security file and providing us with the requested information.

Download attached file to continue.

Please Note – Failure to reactivate your account after 48 hours might lead to account suspenssion.


Cellphone Banking

I decided to perform a quick search on the topic and “Googled” the search term “Warning FNB account activation process”

The 2nd search result to appear was “Types of Scams – Scams – Security Centre – FNB”

Under latest scams appeared several options:

By clicking on Phishing Scam – Instant Online Account Verification the following result appeared:


Always be very alert and never provide your details accept at the counter of your bank. Do not perform any activations or confirmations or changes to your banking profile online or via your cellular phone!

If you receive any such request, go to your bank to enquire whether there is in fact any requirement to perform any action from your side!

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