Many doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals choose Business OUTsurance

Since OUTsurance introduced their specialised business insurance product for medical professionals in mid-2011, a multitude of doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals moved their business insurance to OUTsurance.

In addition to their standard business insurance product offering, OUTsurance’s specialised business product for medical professionals also makes provision for accidental damage to electronic equipment; loss and damage to items such as medical bags used outside of the office; loss of documents and items such as X-ray records, and also full or limited theft cover for equipment or stock.

Ernst Gouws, CEO of OUTsurance says that “We wanted to provide medical professionals with an affordable product that would take care of all their business insurance needs in one go. The overall feedback we received from businesses in the medical industry only confirmed what we already suspected – that although they’re almost always comprehensively insured for one type of risk – such as damage to their business contents – they were always left feeling as if they were not covering all their bases.

“We realised that if we were to create a truly impressive, all-inclusive business insurance product, we’d really have to apply our minds to think of everything that might possibly go wrong in a typical day of a medical practitioner. We were also fortunate enough to receive input from a number of clients from within the medical industry which proved to be absolutely crucial in achieving the perfect end result.

“It was very important to us that anyone who signed up for this specialised package should still receive the same special treatment and enjoy the same great list of benefits that our existing insurance clients have come to know and love. As such, clients can still expect an OUTbonus payout if they don’t submit any claims during their first three years; their premiums will remain fixed for 12 months at a time; and they’ll have access to Help@OUT emergency office assistance at no additional cost.”

For more information on OUTsurance’s specialised business insurance product for medical professionals, please visit their website on

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