Vote of confidence in OUTsurance Pointsmen with announcement of Privatised Pointsmen Project tender

We take great pleasure in announcing that the tender for the Privatised Pointsmen Project (JMPD / OUTsurance / 702) has been finalised and awarded to Traffic Freeflow.

Traffic Freeflow is an independent company which pioneered the concept of privatised pointsmen, funded by corporate sponsorship, and has successfully managed the “Pointsmen Project” operation since 2005.

The Privatised Pointsmen Project has grown from a small team of just 21 pointsmen and women in Johannesburg 6 years ago, to a staff compliment of 180, and a sponsor-count of 34, the bulk of which operate within the JMPD footprint, and the remainder in Tshwane and Cape Town.

Amidst a frenzy of media reports and concerned motorist comments, the pointsmen were withdrawn for 4 days in November 2011, to enable certain legislative requirements to be met, and the Tender process to be formulated by the City.

Colleen Bekker, Managing Director of Traffic Freeflow says:

“Over the years we have had our detractors, saying that we were operating illegally or that we had not observed municipal procurement protocol – the fact that we have complied 100% with the Tender/Bid process as stipulated by the City Of Joburg, and were awarded the tender, speaks for itself and we believe, effectively deals with these unfounded criticisms once and for all.”

“The Traffic Freeflow management team worked exceptionally hard during December and early January to formulate our tender submission, while all the Pointsmen, Operations Managers and Admin staff continued to work tirelessly to deliver only the best service at all times, despite the uncertainty of their future. The new terms of agreement will see us forge closer ties through a structured collaboration with the City of Johannesburg and the JMPD. ”

The agreement with the City Of Joburg commences on 01 March 2012 and runs for a three-year period.

Colleen Bekker says further, “We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners, particularly our lead sponsor OUTsurance, our media partner Talk Radio 702, the City Of Joburg, the JMPD as well as all the staff of Traffic Freeflow for their continued support, hard work and dedication.”

Willem Roos, CEO of OUTsurance Holdings applauded the award, “This is fantastic news. OUTsurance are exceptionally proud of our involvement in this project, and look forward to working closely with the City of Johannesburg and the JMPD going forward to take this to even greater heights.”

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