What is the fine for crossing a painted traffic island?

What is the amount of the traffic fine for going over chevron lines?


Your question is very broad and is also incorrectly worded.  I think that what you asking is “what is the fine for crossing a painted traffic island”, rather than a “chevron.

There are a number of infringements that fall into this category and I can only answer your question with regards the fine amount under AARTO as under the Criminal Procedure Act, fines vary depending on what is set by the local magistrate.

Below is a table of the penalties under AARTO for painted and physical islands for your information:

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  • January 8, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    We have a painted island at the entrance to a shopping centre. There are two no right turn signs on the left of the road. There is also a no right turn sign on exiting the centre at the same spot. They are constantly being ignored by motorists crossing over the painted island. What are the fines for disobeying these signs and painted island?

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