South Africans forced by increasing costs of transportation to look at car insurance premiums

South Africans are at present challenged by the sharp increases in cost of transportation. With a new increase in petrol prices announced we are forced to think twice before going on our roads. On the one hand we have very expensive price increases for fuel, and on the other those travelling in Gauteng are challenged by the costs of e-Tolling.

Social media portals such as Facebook and Twitter has featured posts, updates and tweets from many South Africans expressing and sharing their shock at how much more they will have to pay per month for transportation!

A number or organizations are at present challenging SANRAL and the Government in our courts about the Gauteng e-Toll system. Even though we may challenge the e-Toll system in the courts, there is little we can do about the cost of fuel.

Costs of Transportation

Transportation costs have many components. These include the costs of fuel, vehicle maintenance, toll tariffs etc.

For our own safety we should never neglect vehicle maintenance and the safety of our passengers. We cannot delay replacing worn tyres and shocks to save a few rand in transportation costs.

Transportation costs also include the costs of insuring our vehicles – and this is something we can change! Too many of us are taking short cuts with vehicle maintenance or merely driving less without considering whether we have the right insurance in place!

Some even neglect paying their expensive car insurance premiums and go on the roads praying that they may be spared an accidents or damage to their vehicles. This is a risk we cannot take!

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Perhaps it is time for more of us to consider the different car insurance packages. We can save by focusing on insurance calculated on the basis of how we drive and how far we drive!

We might be paying the same amount on car insurance for a vehicle we rarely drive than the vehicle we use regularly to save on the costs of fuel.

The money saved on expensive car insurance could fill the empty gap in our tanks whilst still giving us the peace of mind that we are insured against the other perils on our roads – and while still driving a well-maintained and roadworthy vehicle!

We should always compare insurance products and premiums. The lesson is simple – we cannot complain about the expensive costs of transportation if we do not also consider what we are paying to insure our cars!

Insurance Telematics and Cheaper Car Insurance

We could also consider insurance products allowing safer driver to pay less for their car insurance.

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