OUTsurance offers a 10% discount when you insure both your buildings and your car

–  Insurance clients can expect a 10% discount on their buildings insurance premium if they insure both their car and their home at OUTsurance.

Peter Cronjé, Head of Marketing at OUTsurance says that “it’s a common misconception in the market that you’re only allowed to insure your buildings with the insurance company that’s linked to or recommended by your bank.

“So, we decided to run a full-on ad campaign to let people know that there’s a world of options out there that they might not even know about. They may not know that we offer home insurance or that they can cover their homes with us regardless of which insurer their bank recommends or quotes.

“We also wanted to create awareness around the fact that we’ll actually discount their buildings insurance premium by 10% if they also insure their car with us. We believe that this will have clients saving thousands of rands every year. Then I’m not even going into the great list of benefits that comes standard with all of our products: fixed excesses, guaranteed premiums, emergency assistance, and of course – the cash OUTbonus.

“The way we see it, it’s the responsibility of the insurance company to find innovative ways to impress their clients. And at OUTsurance, we take this very seriously.”

Please visit their website for more information on their buildings insurance product.

About OUTsurance

OUTsurance offers affordable insurance for your car, your home, your business and your life. Call them on 08 600 60 000 for a quote.

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