Flood waters trap females on island in Tugella River

Three people were rescued from an island in the centre of the Tugela River in the Masinga area this afternoon. Reports indicate that the three females aged, six, ten and ninety two were trying to cross the river when they were trapped by flood waters.

A distress call came in from the Masinga SAPS, the Air wing, S A P search and rescue and a Netcare 911 paramedic was flown to the area. When they arrived they found that the river was raging and the three people were helpless in the centre of the island for some hours.

The helicopter was skillfully navigated onto the island and the three females were then helped into the airframe , they were airlifted to dry land where their families were frantically waiting for them. Three other elderly females were also trapped on the other side of the river cutting them off from their homes, they were also airlifted by the skilful crew of the Police air wing.

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