Are you aware of the things that attract thieves to your car?

From the latest Crime Statistics provided by the police it is interesting to find that even though hijackings and vehicle theft might have decreased, there has been an increase in theft from vehicles. This is something to be aware of when we drive or park our vehicles. It is not only the violent incidences of smash and grabs that we need to be alert to -but also ordinary theft from vehicles left unattended.

The Minister of Police also emphasized that the jamming of immobilizers appears to have been one of the methods used by thieves to gain entry to these vehicles. Road users are often not cautious enough as to what attracts thieves to their vehicles and we though it may be important to share this information on this blog.

Jena Ellis shared some information with the Arrive Alive website from a blog post titled “6 Things That Attract Car Thieves to Your Car”. We would also like to share this with some important links to previous posts written on these topics.


If you leave your purse on the passenger seat or your golf clubs sticking out the back, you are asking for trouble. Car thieves not only like to steal cars, but the valuable things people leave in them are fair game for a criminal, too. It is important to recognize that with modern day technology and connectivity there are items such as laptops, smartphones, iPads and tablets that are easy and attractive targets for thieves walking past our vehicles.

View: Do not leave your Laptop, Palmtop or Notebook in an “unattended” vehicle

Open Windows

To a car thief, an open window is an open door. And if your car is out of your sight, you’re begging for some ne’er-do-well to stick his grubby thief paws inside your car. Word to the wise: Don’t tempt the criminals. Always lock not only your car but check that your windows are closed as well!

Parking In Dark Alleys

Or anywhere with low lighting. Areas of poor visibility are like spotlights for car thieves. Park your car somewhere near other cars, and preferably near a building or streetlight. Much like wolves to sheep, thieves see an opportunity when a car is left on its own.

View: Parking with caution can prevent vehicle theft

Leaving The Engine Running

This is a no-brainer. Don’t leave the engine to your car running, ever. A thief would be an idiot not to steal your car. Additionally, don’t leave pets or children unattended in cars — especially not with the engine running. Grand theft auto could turn into kidnapping faster than you can say “parking brake.”

Lack of Tinted Windows

Even the most organized people leave something in their cars at some point. If you’ve got shopping bags, suitcases, or any other precious cargo, it should be out of sight for potential thieves. And if you routinely leave things in your car, have your windows professionally tinted. Stay within the legal limits of tinting, but the harder it is to see inside, the better.

Also consider installing safety film for windows and the benefits this may offer to protect not only from smash and grab – but also from the threats of the sun.


LLumar Window Film and Road Safety

LLumar films can increase safety and security

A Tricked Out Car

Fancy hood ornaments, undercarriage neons, and hydraulic systems will attract car thieves like moths to a flame. After-market stereo systems and lack of theft prevention devices also alert thieves to potential targets. If you’ve got the type of car that someone would steal, be prepared for trouble.


It is not only on the road and while driving that we need to be alert! We also need caution and preventative measures and thought to protect ourselves from criminals when stopping at the traffic lights, parking and leaving our vehicles unattended.

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