The Meaning of Road Sign R2.1 – Give way to pedestrians


Could you please clarify the meaning of a “yield for pedestrians” sign (R2.1) at a pedestrian crossing at an intersection. If there are NO pedestrians, must you still yield for other VEHICLES coming from your right (and who had NO road markings/signs) on their side of the road?

Surely if the intention is a general yield at the intersection for cars, etc road sign R2 should be used?

Thanking you in advance.


The official meaning of Regulatory Sign R2.1 is given below. As can be seen, the sign is in respect of pedestrians and makes no reference to motor vehicles.

So, if the sign R2.1 is the only version of a Yield sign displayed at that intersection, and drivers approaching that intersection must yield to vehicles on the cross-road at that junction, then it would seem that Rene is correct, and the wrong sign is being used. Sign R2 (Yield sign) would mean that drivers must give way to all vehicles approaching from the left or right at the junction, as well as pedestrians crossing or about to cross.

To get an official answer for that particular intersection, I would suggest that the question be put to the authorities responsible for such specifications and directions which are to be implemented by Traffic Engineers in the various municipalities. From my own observations, it seems they don’t always do it correctly.

I am also including below the meaning of sign R2 (Yield sign) which only mentions vehicles and not  pedestrians. However, it should be noted that drivers must also yield (give way) to any pedestrians that may be crossing, or about to cross, the driver’s path at an intersection.

Gavin Hoole

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