The Vehicle Security Association of South Africa -an important role player for the Car Insurance Industry

Many might have heard the terms VESA and “Vesa Approved” -but what does it mean? We have decided to share some information from the Newsletter by the Crime Insurance Bureau:

VESA was established in 1987. VESA (Vehicle Security Association of South Africa) is an association established in accordance with the provisions of section 21 of the company’s act (non-profit), with the object of regulating, promoting and protecting the interest of its members, the rights of consumers and other interested parties and stakeholders including the short-term insurance industry in respect of after-market (after the fact) vehicle security systems (such as alarms/immobilisers/gearlocks/vehicle tracking/vehicle microdotting systems).

Over the course of the last 25 years, VESA has established an enviable reputation throughout South Africa and its adherence to the highest standards and the conduct of its business in conformity with principles of the utmost integrity, have resulted in VESA not only achieving the objectives for which it was originally launched, but it has aptly become recognised as a champion for the rights of the consumer.

VESA’s efforts and the accreditation of vehicle security products and services have led to the better assessment and management of risk within the insurance industry, as the insurance industry had the benefit of additional vehicle security fitted to their book of vehicles, as well has had the assurance that it was fitted to internationally accepted standards.

VESA and its members are proud of the success achieved and in the process recognition has been accorded the value of the VESA name and endorsement and thereby it’s intellectual property.

The term “VESA Approved” has become recognised throughout almost the entire industry and the public as providing enhanced benefits to the consumer and in turn for the VESA members.

VESA has a Values system to which all its members have to comply with:

  • Honesty and Professionalism
  • Not to mislead any client or potential client
  • Technical Excellence
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Ensuring Personal Safety with Security
  • Quality workmanship
  • Integrity in Conduct
  • Dedication to reducing vehicle theft crime

ABS Test House – Accreditation Bureau for Security and Safety

ABS, which stands for the Accreditation Bureau for Security and Safety, a subsidiary brand of VESA, was established in 2000 to independently test and approve vehicle security products for VESA.

The ABS Test House sets standards together with VESA Product Supplier Members using the latest international IEC and ISO standards to which member’s products are required to be tested and certificate against.

ABS Specifications are reviewed annually as required to ensure that it remains up to date with the latest technology and standards.

All products tested and approved by ABS are given ABS Approval. Once the product has been installed into a vehicle and certified with a VESA Certificate, then only does the product carry VESA®  Approval.

VESA monitor and train their installation centre members and have Technical Inspectors doing random inspections of fitted vehicle security in order to maintain its high quality and expectations of its members, as well as to protect the public from possible inferior installations of vehicle security systems.

Benefit to the Insurance Industry

Many insurers still include VESA as a requirement when requesting additional vehicle security systems to be fitted.

VESA has issued more than 1.9 million VESA Certificates which provides the insurer the relevant information pertaining to the vehicle security device, which fitted did the installation as well as a full vehicle exterior and interior inspection and extras confirmation.

VESA now integrates with TransUnion which provides the insurer, dealership, etc. the ability to verify the additional extras pertaining to vehicle security fitted to the vehicle.

Any reference that an insurer makes to VESA approved will specifically refer to the three elements:

VESA APPROVED refers to the following:

  • A Product which is approved by the Accreditation Bureau for Security & Safety (ABS);
  • An Installation by a Member of VESA in accordance with the latest VESA specifications;
  • A Certificate prescribed and issue by VESA for the current year.

The importance of Issuing VESA Certificates

By issuing VESA Certificates, our Members and VESA assists the Insurance Industry with the reduction of vehicle theft claims.

Herewith a list of benefits which the VESA Certification system offers:

  • The VESA Certificate provides the Insurance Industry with all relevant client details, vehicle km’s, VIN, Engine and Registration details, ABS Approved Product information including Level/Grade, etc., vehicle inspection section for interior and exterior body damage as well as tyre thread depth, radio system, mags, canopy’s …the list goes on.
  • The Vehicle Validation Certificate validates that the vehicle exists, whether it has factory-fitted vehicle security, vehicle inspection section for interior and exterior body damage as well as tyre thread depth, radio system, mags, canopy, etc.
  • The security device fitted is added to the pedigree of the vehicle on the TransUnion auto database, thereby increasing the value of the vehicle.
  • A VESA registered on-line user can obtain an electronic copy of the VESA or Vehicle Validation Certificate immediately after the inspection / installation was conducted.
  • An ABS product which is installed by VESA Members according to the latest installation specification will give your client’s peace of mind and better protection.
  • Without proof in the form of a VESA Certificate of Approval your client’s claim may be repudiated even if you have installed the necessary vehicle security product correctly according to the latest installation specifications  Always issue a VESA Certificate of Approval as proof of a legit and quality installation.

VESA HAS established ties with:

  • Insurance companies (underwriters, assessors, brokers)
  • the National Crime Prevention Office of the SAPS
  • and Business Against Crime to combat vehicle-related crimes
  • and Naamsa / Unitrans (sharing of vehicle information

VESA/SABS /SANS 534 Project:

  • VESA has provided its product specifications for two SABS working groups, namely setting of national standard for Micro-dotting: Marking of vehicles (SANS 534 ¡V 1) as well as the national standard for the Vehicle Tracking and Recovery Industry ( SANS 535)
  • VESA has worked closely with motor manufacturers and Business Against Crime (BAC) to launch SANS 534-1: The Whole of Vehicle Marking Part 1.

Actions in solving the Industry Problem

  • VESAR Certificates: Insurer to insist as a policy requirement ¡V Clients responsibility to comply
  • Insurer to assist : In Motivating clients to become pro-active rather that re-active
  • Support Standards set out by VESA
  • Ensure your insured book is protected by quality vehicle security solutions
  • Regular inspections, etc.

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