Dramatic video footage captures gas explosion on bus!

We have recently added information on the Arrive Alive website about bus passenger safety and especially the efforts made to suppress fires on buses. Fredrik Rosén from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden shared additional information on two CNG gas bus incidents that have occurred recently. We would like to quote:

The first one is from The Netherlands. Keep your eyes open after 48 seconds at the first video: http://www.regio15.nl/actueel/lijst-weergave/20-branden/13972-aardgasbus-in-brand-wittenburgerweg

The second one is from Korea where a CNG bus exploded without fire the other day: http://jalopnik.com/5610184/korean-cng-bus-explosion-caught-on-camera

By introducing new alternative fuels also means that you introduce new risks and these incidents clearly shows that more fire safety research in this area is needed.

Best regards

Fredrik Rosén

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