Ensure that you comply with the rules pertaining to transportation of dangerous goods!

Worker in the transportation of hazardous materials industry


I am the operations lead for a company crushing lamps. My question is do we need a licence to collect the lamps and transport them to our facility? We crush the lamps at our warehouse and once crushed a waste company will collect and dispose of it. Would we need to get a hazardous waste licence to transport the lamp from our client to our warehouse even though we are not involved with the final transportation and disposal. If you could contact me asap or provide me with a contact number, as we have a tender to get ready for.


Is the product classified as dangerous in terms of SANS 10228? If it is you have to comply with all the requirements of dangerous goods transport if you carry more than the exempt quantity listed in Annexure 3 of SANS 10231.



Alta Swanepoel and Associates

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