Bay Harbour Market Plants Hope in Hangberg

The latest Bay Harbour Market community project of planting a lavender garden in Hangberg is happening today!

The project is in association with Lavender in Lavender Hill, an organisation that aims to instil beauty and pride into local communities.

Volunteers are invited to help plant 100 lavender bushes today, today and Saturday from 10 am to 4pm on Harbour Road (opposite the market).

The Lavender in Lavender Hill project is a Social Enterprise that aims to plant 1 000 000 Lavender plants in Lavender Hill, a struggling community in Cape Town, South Africa. The vision is to populate Lavender Hill with Lavender and in so doing create an urban farm for the production of lavender products.

The Lavender in Lavender Hill project vision is this: “Imagine a community, a backdrop lush with colour, luxuriously perfumed with fields of sweet lavender.

The beauty of the lavender fields will instil pride in the community and will become a tourist attraction, giving exposure to a community once avoided. This will over time reduce the crime, violence, gangsterism, drug use and attitude of no hope.”

The Bay Harbour Market ‘imported’ this project to Hangberg and, with the help of donations from visitors to the market in their “change for change” drive, is funding the creation of the lavender garden in the community. Lavender in Lavender Hill products will be available for sale alongside the new garden over this coming weekend.

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