Substance abuse in the workplace is a reality, effecting 33% of our employed population

Many employers are not sure how to deal with the situation.

The effects of substance abuse in the workplace has an impact on so many areas within the company which can be devastating. Employers are in turmoil on what to do, current legislation does not offer much assistance. Employer shy away from addressing the issue not daring to venture into an environment which can seem very daunting.

A substance of abuse policy is an essential tool for every business. No business is too big or too small. The policy needs to be designed to in such a way, that it is applicable to the company’s requirement, in line with legislation and easy to administer.

is able to assist your company in developing and introducing a user friendly pro-active policy which will ensure the

protection of business interests and assists management to effectively manage staff who’s substance abuse practises put the business at risk. It will also help in successfully managing those staff members who may suffer from the disease ADDICTION, without having to take drastic measures, yet securing the security and safety of the company.

We would like to introduce our Substance of Abuse Policy Development product to you; visit to gain an insight and overview of what it entails. We trust that this will let you see, that substance of abuse within your environment can be addressed, with ease,  pro-actively and effectively safeguarding your company from the damaging effects of substance abuse.

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