Where can I find help with the K53 and Learner Licence?


We stay in Norhtcliff in Randburg. I am not sure if I can just get the K53 manual at C.N.A. or if you offer any lessons to get your learners. I am also not sure if you have offices near us.
Please can you let me know as soon as possible also the cost.


Some driving schools do provide lessons for the learner’s licence. Pat Allen may be able to advise further about that.

I would recommend buying the first book shown on this Web page.

It is available at bookshops and also as a downloadable eBook from http://www.k53-test.co.za/ which also has some practice tests that can be done online. That manual also has practice tests in it.

Computerised tests
Not all testing stations have the computerised testing system yet, but several in Gauteng do. Mrs Morris should enquire about that at the testing station where the booking will be made. The computerised test has a high failure rate because it includes questions about vehicle specifications which are part of the syllabus as set out in the National Road Traffic Act. (Steps are being taken to urge the authoritiesto stop this illegal practice.)

If the candidate will be doing a computerised test at the testing starion, then I strongly recommend that they also study the content on this Web page: http://k53.gavinhoole.ws/k53-additional-legislation-to-know/ That entire website has a lot of other useful information on it too, so it is worth browsing around there.


Gavin Hoole
Learner’s Licence & K53
Driving Licence Test Info

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