Tourism to create Christmas cheer for underprivileged in Nelson Mandela Bay

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism (NMBT) is set to create Christmas cheer alongside industry partners Bay FM and Holmeleigh Farmyard on December, 16th. A Christmas party will be held for a group of 200 under privileged children from in and around Nelson Mandela Bay. They will arrive from all areas such as Sinethemba Street Kids, EP Child and Youth Care Centre, Ngomso Youth Foundation, Green bushes SQ, ACVV PE West, Kleinskool, Alfonso Arries Primary School and Love Story.

NMBT CEO, Ms Mandlakazi Skefile said, “It is inspirational to work in an industry where collaborations can be formed to benefit those of the community in need as the heart of a tourism destination is the locals.”

Holmleigh Farmyard will host the children on the day providing fun activities, tour of the farmyard, feed for the animals as well as a Father Christmas to hand out gifts. The children will be afforded the opportunity for a fun day, receive gifts and love. NMBT and partners hope to spread happiness on the day.

In order to make the day extraordinary any donations towards gifts or gifts themselves would be appreciated and can be done through contacting Bernie at Holmeleigh Farmyard on 041 379 2901 or to contact Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism on 041-582 2575. The children’s names and age groups are available on request if you would like to sponsor a specific child. All gift sponsors are welcome to join us on the day, however catering and entrance to farm area will be excluded.

NMBT cares about our community and encourage all our Tourism members to contribute back to their communities if not on this day through initiatives of their own.

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