Seven new IP Cameras on their way to SA could improve surveillance capabilities

Axis Communications, a leader in network video, will be introducing the new Axis P14 Series encompassing seven day-and-night network cameras with unique mechanical design to South Africa and Africa through various distribution channels over the next few weeks.

With the Axis P14 Series, customers can choose camera models with a wide range of resolutions – from HDTV 1080p to 4K Ultra HD – and integrated features for efficient and reliable video surveillance, such as IR illumination, remote zoom and focus, a built-in slot for micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards and I/O connectors for interfacing with external devices.

This is according to Jason McGregor, sales manager for Axis Communications’ South Africa hub, who says that, thanks to integrated IR and certain models that feature OptimisedIR, a patented and power-efficient LED technology that provides an intelligently adaptable angle of IR illumination, Axis P14 Series is ideal for 24/7 surveillance of offices, shopping malls, parking-lots and public squares.

The P14 Series cameras will be a popular choice across all industry segments because of its 24/7 performance and attractive features that come in a compact and cost-effective design, says McGregor. “We gain economy from a mechanical design that puts the electronics in the foot of the camera while utilising remote focus and zoom so the casing never has to be opened. This provides a wide range of powerful yet affordable options – including Axis P1428-E with 4K Ultra HD resolution in full frame rate performance.”

Axis P14 Series Network Cameras offer easy installation with remote zoom and focus for fine tuning of the picture from a computer as opposed to at the camera itself. Furthermore, Axis P14 Series cameras are equipped with a compact, low-weight casing and integrated bracket for wall or ceiling mount that puts all electronic connections inside the base. To further simplify installation, a wide range of mounting accessories such as pole and corner mounts are available.

The seven Axis P14 Series cameras are outdoor-ready and tailored to meet most price/performance demands:

•           Axis P1405-E and Axis P1405-LE with built-in IR illumination feature HDTV 1080p, day/night video, DC-iris with remote zoom and focus;

•           Axis P1425-E and Axis P1425-LE with OptimizedIR feature HDTV 1080p, day/night video, P-Iris with remote zoom and focus and I/O connectors;

•           Axis P1427-E and Axis P1427-LE with OptimizedIR feature 5 MP resolution, day/night video, P-Iris with remote zoom and focus and I/O connectors;

•           Axis P1428-E with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, day/night video, P-Iris with remote zoom and focus and I/O connectors.

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