Five suspects have been arrested in connection with business robbery at Port Shepstone

Five suspects have been arrested in connection with a business robbery which occurred in Izotsha last Wednesday, 11 June 2014. It was reported to police that two men walked into a shop on a farm at Izotsha and held up an employee. They demanded cash and fled with a large sum of money. The employee was unharmed.

Warrant Officer Patrick Gosling, Constable Lee Frost and Constable Raphael Smithwick arrested the alleged perpetrators, in Mkholombe, a location outside Marburg, at 1am on Monday, 23 June 2014.  A white Opel Kadette was also impounded.  After the men were arrested, two others handed themselves over at Port Shepstone police station.

Upon further investigation by Gosling and his team, a firearm was discovered which the perpetrators allegedly used during the robbery. The firearm turned out to be a toy gun. They will appear in court soon.

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