Synthetic / Artificial grass may assist homeowners continuously “On the Go”.

Could synthetics grass/ artificial grass be the answer for homeowners who are often away from home? I am one of these homeowners who has experienced the impact of adverse weather and inattention to full-time gardening!  I approached Sharon Walker from Smartstone in Bloemfontein with an answer to some of these problems.

The request was rather straight-forward: “I need a low maintenance set-up for a townhouse owner – someone who is away a lot and when at home loved to be around the braai!” I also raised the following questions for some insights on the benefits of synthetic grass:

Have you experienced an increase in requests for synthetic grass in the planning of gardens?

Yes, Definitely

What would the main reasons be and would the benefits of having synthetics grass outweigh the negatives? What are the most important pros and cons?

The increase in demand is mostly because Easigrass can green up gardens without requiring water usage and with the drought, this is a huge advantage!

Easigrass is a cost-effective alternative to the real lawn as it requires just about no maintenance there is no watering required, no mowing required and it looks just like the real thing. Easigrass is partially made from recycled materials so it’s helping to save the earth too.

When Inattention and Adverse Weather Destroys the Garden

Does the lifestyle of the homeowner play an important role in the decision whether to have synthetics /artificial grass?

Of course, because Easigrass doesn’t grow longer its perfect for lock up and go places – your lawn looks just as neat and tidy and green when you get back as it did when you left! And it means you no longer need a lawnmower.

Do you believe that environmental factors such as drought and flooding could also homeowners in their decisions?

In time SA being a water scare country using Easigrass to green our gardens means we free up precious water to be used for more important reasons.

What are the cost factors to consider…. And do we need to consider it as a “long time” investment?

Easigrass might cost a fair amount initially, but when one considers the savings long term in terms of water and labour costs, it is an extremely worthwhile choice.

Would you recommend professional assistance rather than the Do it Yourself option – if so, Why?

Yes, I would recommend professional assistance because installing Easigrass the proper way will ensure the product reaches its longest lifespan.

What would your best advice be to homeowners when considering synthetic grass? What are the mistakes to avoid and factors to keep in mind?

Always buy from a reputable supplier. Easigrass is part of the Van Dyck carpet group and gives an 8-year warranty on the properly installed product.
– IF you are installing yourself buy the correct glue, measure the area accurately and always install with the ‘nap’ of the grass facing the same way.



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