‘Always Ready Just in Case’ with 1st for Women’s new TV Commercial

1st for Women is celebrating Women’s month with the launch of its relatable ‘Always ready. Just in case’ television commercial, which builds on the company’s current positioning of inspiring confidence and recognising women’s innate ability to be prepared for whatever may happen.

“This is not just conjecture, it’s a scientific fact,” says Casey Rousseau, Marketing Manager of 1st for Women Insurance. “Women’s brains are structurally designed for interconnectivity, making them effective at multi-skilling, as well as considering multiple eventualities.”

She continues: “As women, we carry almost everything we could ever possibly need with us, just in case. We often think about leaving 15 minutes early, just in case there’s traffic.  Truth is, we like to be prepared for any possible situation – and we are wired to do so. Our minds are creating never-ending mental lists to make sure we keep as many bases covered as possible.

“That’s why at 1st for Women, we thought celebrating this unique attribute in Women’s month would be perfect timing to launch our ‘Always ready. Just in case’ television commercial that demonstrates that   1st for Women is there for all those ‘just in case’ moments with insurance specifically designed for women.”

Created in partnership with King James II Johannesburg, the advert features a confident, determined little girl who marches to the beat of her own drum in her beloved pair of pink wellies, which take centre stage. She goes about her day-to-day activities while wearing her wellington boots when they aren’t needed, un-phased by the reactions of those around her.

The advert concludes with a thunderstorm, and the ‘I told you so’ exhilaration of someone who is well prepared. It aptly unfolds to the ‘You don’t own me’ soundtrack, originally sung by Lesley Gore in 1963.

The advert is a metaphor for the very role insurance plays – being prepared in case something happens. “1st for Women’s insurance is specifically designed for women – not only providing car and home insurance, but also supporting the inimitable needs of women by providing peace of mind and convenience through its Guardian Angel Assist service,” she says.

Rousseau adds; “With our car and home insurance there is a Guardian Angel who you can call 24/7 whether you need your tyre changed, car towed or someone to make sure you’re safe; if you need a reliable locksmith, builder, electrician or handyman; or if you need to speak to a nurse, get medical advice or to call an ambulance.”

“In addition, a portion of each monthly premium goes to the 1st for Women Foundation in order to help those affected by women abuse prepare for a better future,” Rousseau adds.

“Our insurance product reduces functional stress and balances it with emotional peace of mind which goes hand in hand with being prepared.”

She concludes; “The new advertisement captures a spirit of freedom, confidence and foresight that we believe lies within every woman – and this is what we celebrate this women’s month.”

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