4 Ways to save on your insurance

Price determines where we shop, where we call home, how long we work for before we retire… And who we insure with. It is arguably the biggest deciding factor (or it comes pretty darn close), and that’s because your money only goes so far and it needs to cover quite a bit.

You need to find brands that do their bit to help you save and still make sure that you can get the cover that your valuables need.

  1. Car insurance premiums that decrease every month

You need to insure your car(s), right? Well, try out super cheap insurance premiums that start out affordable and then decrease every month in line with the depreciating value of your car. You don’t even have to remind them, because it happens automatically. Oh, and you can also choose the excess that suits where you are financially.

  1. R1 insurance

Some of us have car insurance, and as far as our budgets are concerned… That’s enough. But that’s just because insuring anything else comes with a hefty price tag. Now, though, you can insure a range of expensive items that you hold dear with R1 Insurance, like your golf clubs, hearing aid, Nikon camera, and bicycle. All you need to do is add 1 of these items to your comprehensive car insurance policy and it will literally cost you a buck.

  1. Multiple-car discount

The royal insurance crusaders have brought out their multi-car discount offering, which allows you to insure all your cars with 1 insurer for a percentage off.

Here the multiple-car discount works:

  • 1 Car   = Super cheap insurance
  • 2 Cars = 10 % Discount
  • 3 Cars = 15 % Discount
  • 4 Cars = 20 % Discount
  1. The king’s cab

When you join the king you can get your own personal chauffeur for a small cost added to your monthly premium. This puts the royal guard at your service with 2 hand-picked drivers to take you and your car home safely up to 6 times a year. And you can call on the king’s cab as often as you want for a small additional charges. Oh, and you get treated like actual royalty, every single time.

Price is king and it’s time that you gave yourself a well-deserved financial break and joined the kingdom today. It just makes lots of (leftover) cents rands.

Get better, cheaper car insurance that decreases every month. Our affordable cover, decreasing premiums, and fair and logical approach to insurance is just what you and your car needs!  Get a quote online, call our client care team on 0860 50 50 50, or pop us an email at king@kingprice.co.za



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