Bali volcano highlights the importance of travel insurance

With the volcanic eruption of Mount Agung in Bali, heightened flight warnings have been issued and travellers are warned to check their travel insurance before going on vacation or a business trip to Indonesia. The volcano has triggered disarray across Indonesia and certain flights to and from Bali have been suspended.

This is according to Marcia Le Roux, Head of Medical and Travel at Europ Assistance South Africa, who highlights the fact that travel insurance is not only crucial for individuals, but also vital for any company that has employees travelling to other countries for work purposes.

Many individuals do not consider the importance of travel insurance, generally because of not knowing what added benefits the insurance covers, says Le Roux. “Some people may regard travel insurance as a grudge purchase, but when an unexpected emergency occurs, be it a medical or natural disaster, the policy can prove to be extremely helpful. Should any kind of an emergency occur, the assistance services benefits of the travel insurance cover will be activated to facilitate any necessary services, which may include emergency medical treatment, evacuation services and other travel related requirements.”

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