Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has bought her Casual Day sticker

A long-time advocate for persons with disabilities Ms Zille did not hesitate to pay for her sticker and pose for a photograph with Casual Day office manager Faheema Granville.

She bought her sticker at the recent opening of the Women’s Achievement Network for Disability at Artscape, saying that persons with disabilities were marginalised and in many poor communities they were ‘hidden away’.

“The challenges around disability have not yet been fully acknowledged,” she said. “People think it begins with race and gender, but it is just the beginning. We have never confronted the politics of disability as a society.”

She encouraged persons with disabilities to start a movement and for society to free up resources to focus on unpreventable conditions that cause disability.

Helen Zille has been personally affected by disability and has previously said, “I grew up in a family with disability: my granny was deaf and my sister is deaf, so I know what the challenges are facing those living with disabilities.”

Casual Day is South Africa’s most successful fundraising project for persons with disabilities – and the amount raised for last year has climbed to R24.8 million. Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA), which this year celebrates 75 years of service to the community of persons with disabilities.

Says Casual Day project leader Celeste Vinassa, “Casual Day has welcomed several new ambassadors aboard to raise awareness around the project and its aims. We aim to do the very thing that Helen Zille suggests – to start a movement to change the way the world sees (or does not see) persons with disabilities.

“Our ambassadors are persons with disabilities or people who have dedicated themselves to fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities,” says project leader Celeste Vinassa. “They speak from experience and knowledge about disability. It’s called ‘self-advocacy’. They are all people who have overcome great adversity, and are now ready to help Casual Day with its evolution. Casual Day changes lives one R10 sticker at a time. Our ambassadors are there to give society a deeper understanding of the world of disability and how to make the world a more respectful and nurturing place for everybody.”

Casual Day celebrates its 20th birthday this year. The theme for 2014 is ‘Bring out the Bling’ and the colour for the year is Dazzle Blue. Put on your dancing shoes and dress up, not down, for this year’s Casual Day. Casual Day is on Friday 5 September.

More than 2 million people participated in Casual Day last year. The proceeds of Casual Day goes to ensure the sustainability of more than 500 organisations serving the needs of persons with disabilities all over South Africa.

Casual Day provides the country with the opportunity to show their solidarity with persons with disabilities, at the same time enjoying teambuilding and camaraderie with their fellow participants. It gives South Africans the opportunity to be creative and have fun while contributing to the betterment of society. It is community spirit in action.

Casual Day National Beneficiaries include:

National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

South African National Council for the Blind

South African Federation for Mental Health

Deaf Federation of South Africa

Autism South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa

National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

South African National Deaf Association

National Institute for the Deaf

Alzheimer’s South Africa

South African Disability Alliance

QuadPara Association of South Africa

The funds are raised as a result of a R10 donation for a Casual Day sticker.

Stickers are available from:
Edgars, Jet, JetMart, Boardmans, CNA, Red Square and Legit;
Absa outlets;
Game and DionWired stores;
Shoprite and Checkers stores; and
You can also donate online.

Contact the organisers of the project on 011 609 7006 or visit our website at www.casualday.co.za

Keep abreast of activities at Casual Day on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CasualDaySA

Twitter: @CasualDay_SA



When the lights go out, are you covered?

Whether it’s from a power cut caused by load shedding, cable theft or a lightning strike, a power surge can cause serious damage to your appliances in an instant.

Apart from unplugging your appliances when a lightning storm looms, it’s important to check if your insurance policy covers you for damage caused by power surges.

What causes a power surge?

A power surge (spike) or dip (brownout) happens when the delivery of power to the national grid isn’t properly controlled by the transformers on the lines. The resulting uneven delivery causes too much power to enter your home, in the case of a spike, and too little in the case of a brownout. This can happen when the grid becomes overloaded (brownout) or when the power supply is restored after a power outage (surge).

A spike or dip in energy can damage sensitive electronic components in appliances such as TVs, computers and laptops as well as internet modems or routers. Damage from power surges can extend to electrical fixtures such as intercom systems, gate motors, borehole pumps and swimming pool pumps.

How to protect yourself?

It’s always a good idea to use surge protectors for high-end equipment, such as your entertainment centre. The same goes for PCs and laptops – these are expensive to replace, and the data they store is often irreplaceable.

There are different types of surge protectors on the market; it is therefore important to talk your supplier to ensure that you choose suitable solutions for your needs. It is important to note that, depending on the strength of the surge, damage might still occur despite the protector.

Whenever possible, minimise harm by unplugging electrical devices if there is a storm approaching or if you are alerted to a possible power outage.  If the power goes off unexpectedly, play it safe by simply turning off (or even better, disconnecting) any electrical appliances that you were using. Keep one light switch on to alert you when the power is restored.

Check with your insurance company to see whether you are covered for power surges and dips

Although most insurance policies cover lightning damage, beware. Not all homeowners or household contents insurance policies automatically cover you for damage caused by power surges and dips.

If you are a MiWay client, for example, cover for power surges and dips is optional.

The average household has electrical equipment and appliances with replacement values amounting to tens of thousands of Rand. Appliances damaged by a power surge can leave a serious dent in your pocket. Avoid the risk by making sure your valued electronics are covered.

For more information on home and content insurance, visit www.miway.co.za

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MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct, short-term insurance company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household and homeowners insurance as well as add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover. MiWay's shareholder is Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

Let “Focus” Keep You Safe – Europcar’s Advice to Female Motorists

Dawn Nathan-Jones

From road accidents to attacks on your personal safety, a major contributing cause is losing focus so we can’t steer clear of danger, according to experts.

“Helping improve road safety for South Africans is a real corporate concern for us at Europcar SA,” says CEO Dawn Nathan-Jones. “We see how being over-stressed, tired or even just enjoying being away from day-to-day cares can distract any driver. For women, the outcome may be more serious as they’re often perceived as easier targets in personal-safety terms.”

That’s why, as Women’s Month draws to a close, Nathan-Jones hopes SA’s women will join her in pledging to make every month Women’s Month when it comes to caring about personal safety. To get you started, she’s sharing a favourite safety routine to help SA women keep travelling safely home to family and friends.

“Simply using the word FOCUS will help remind you of a series of basic but essential safety precautions that should become as ingrained as checking your mirrors and indicating before pulling into traffic,” she advises.

Here’s how it works:

FORMULATE your strategy: Avoid being vulnerable by being prepared, keeping your cellphone charged and loaded with airtime. Prevent searches for car keys by keeping them in a specific place in your bag and always have them in your hand before leaving home, the office or the main shopping mall. Keep home or office keys in a habitual slot, too, and have the correct set for your destination with you to avoid searching the boot when you’re parked.

OPERATE your parking smarts: When leaving a building, check the parking area beforehand. Be aware of what’s happening around you as you pay your parking-ticket and find your car. Don’t hang around taking a phone call in the open – let the phone ring, then return the call from inside your car.

CONCEAL your valuables: Stick to the golden rule of stowing handbag, laptop, briefcase, sports bag, shopping and so on in the boot, out of sight. When renting a car, take a few moments when booking to ensure the boot will hold all your luggage.

USE your protection: When you and all passengers are inside the car, lock all doors – always check locking procedures on an unfamiliar rental car. While driving, be forewarned of threatening behaviour by nearby motorists or other road-users by both watching the road ahead and regularly checking all mirrors. When approaching home or your destination, check the street. If anything looks suspicious, drive past to somewhere well lit and phone for clarification or help. Once you’ve arrived smoothly, shut and lock gates before beginning to unload the vehicle.

START making roads safer: When you’re safely home, take a moment to reflect on your road experiences for the day – do you feel lucky to be back with your loved ones? Take the I-Pledge to make a difference to SA’s road-safety record at www.ipledge.co.za. Follow the campaign @IPledgeZA on Twitter and go to the Facebook page to record your observations of people running their office from their car, driving drunk or using their cellphone, indulging in road rage, not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, or jumping amber and red robots. You’ll feel a glow of pride that safer roads start with you.

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Car Rental and Road Safety


Europcar has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading global car rental companies; one which prides itself on delivering locally relevant, world-class service excellence with a dynamic and fresh attitude. Its payoff line of ‘Moving Your Way’ encompasses the company’s global strategy to be a key player in shaping the future of mobility, together with its commitment to exceptional customer service.

The company, owned and managed by the Imperial Group*, has operated exclusively as Europcar since 2009 having a rich 33-year history with its roots as Imperial Car Rental.

Voted Africa’s Leading Car Hire Company at the 2012 World Travel Awards – for the seventh consecutive year – the company serves around a third of the South African car rental market and has segmented the business to tailor solutions to the business and leisure markets, both inbound and locally.

The organisation is just as conscientious when it comes to social responsibility, and supports a number of programmes focusing on children, education, HIV/ Aids and poverty alleviation. Sustainability is also a business imperative and the company focuses heavily on the promotion of environmental responsibility, awareness and behavior throughout its operations, with the primary goal of reducing its outputs.

Europcar offers a fleet peaking at 18,500 vehicles at over 120 locations throughout Southern Africa - and through the global Europcar network, offers car rental access to around 220,000 across 150 countries.

Holding ISO9001 (2008) accreditation, Europcar holds a Two BBBEE rating.  It is a member of the South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA), and has partnerships with several important service providers in the travel industry.

Then again, that’s typical of a Proudly South African company which believes that supporting everything local – from people to businesses – is critical to the future of this country.

*IMPERIAL is a diversified industrial services and retail group with activities spanning logistics; car rental; tourism; financial services; vehicle distribution and retail. It operates in South Africa, Africa, Europe and Australia, is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and employs over 40,000 people

Isuzu launches ‘Midnite Edition’ KB 300 double cab

More than 20 224 examples of the 6th generation Isuzu KB have been sold since launch in March 2013. Following on the success of the new model, Isuzu is now offering something more exclusive - the special new 'Midnite Edition' KB 300 double cab with a limited production run of 500 units.

"The new Midnite Edition continues Isuzu's heritage of special models in South Africa. Limited edition vehicles are part of Isuzu's DNA in our country, and the new Midnite Edition has the looks and appeal to attract attention on the road and set its owners apart from the rest," says General Motors South Africa Isuzu Brand Manager, Mlungisi Nonkonyana.

"Special design and engineering development by our local team has resulted in a truly desirable bakkie, built just for South Africans, and with limited production of 500 units we expect our passionate followers to receive it enthusiastically."

Midnite theme

Painted exclusively in red, white or metallic silver, the exterior of the Midnite Edition is enhanced by a classic black theme from bumper to bumper. At the front, a specialised black bumper guard adds larger-than-life attitude and is complemented by a black radiator grille. The classic black treatment continues on the flanks with black mirror caps, roof rails, side steps, window surrounds and black 17-inch alloy wheels, and at the rear a standard tow bar sits beneath a black rear bumper. The special design changes are finished off by a black sportsbar behind the cab complete with Midnite Edition decals, and branded door sill plates.

The exclusivity of the Midnite Edition is sure to enhance the ownership experience and set drivers apart on crowded city streets and highways. Each vehicle receives a special plaque with the unit's unique number engraved on it, indicating which of the 500 special edition units it is. The interior is further distinguished by special Midnite Edition carpets.

Three Midnite Edition models are available, each of which is powered by Isuzu's proven 3.0-litre D-TEQ diesel engine with 130 kW and 380 Nm on tap and the choice of a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission with a 4x2 drivetrain, or 4x4 with a manual gearbox only.

As with the rest of the Isuzu KB range, Midnite Edition vehicles carry a 5-year/ 120 000 km warranty and a 5-year/ 90 000 km service plan, with service intervals scheduled every 15 000 km.

The Isuzu KB Midnite Edition which will be on sale late in September 2014.

Regent Targets Improved Efficiency, Driver Wellness in Boost for Insured Clients

As fleet and transport companies seek greater value for their insurance spend, it is becoming increasingly important for insurance firms to provide services that go beyond the standard, catering for the needs of employees as well as the owners of insured fleets.

Regent Commercial Vehicles National Manager Wayne Rautenbach says Regent Insurance has been guided by the need to provide a holistic package of services that recognises the importance of improving efficiencies as well as risk management in providing insurance services.

“We believe that our clients get better value from us providing reduced risk as well as improved efficiencies in addition to affordable costs,” Rautenbach says.

“Our experience has shown that fleet owners can make dramatic improvements in terms of insured losses, vehicle performance and operational efficiency, for example, by incorporating driver wellness and training in their telematics systems.”

Regent’s driver wellness offering includes personal driver and co-driver accident cover, an accidental death benefit payable to a driver’s family or beneficiaries and the employer, as well as a hospitalisation benefit.

The company also provides a free driver assessment and training service, which makes use of telematics data gathered through its Risk Services bureau.

While the data provided by telematics is valuable for route planning, speed management and administration of schedules, fleet managers have not used the information to its full potential to improve driver performance or manage operational costs such as fuel and vehicle maintenance.

“We offer tailor-made driving programmes for the insured addressing both driving skills and on road attitude. Our unique training is based on the deep assessments and understanding of our insured fleet telematics data and information collected,” Rautenbach says.

In the past six months more than 300 drivers have been assessed and Regent has held 43 three day defensive driving courses.

In the long term, Rautenbach says the company hopes this will help to reduce the 14 000 deaths on South African roads every year, many of which are caused by human error involving trucks.

From 2015, Regent will sponsor a Truck Driver of the Year award aimed at encouraging safe and efficient driving practices by truck drivers.

This will be the first independent competition of its kind in South Africa. The award aims to salute the truck driver and position the fleet manager as an employer of choice that contributes immensely to the South African economy.

“It’s all part of our holistic approach to insurance and risk management. If we can provide an added incentive for truck drivers that will help them to improve their performance on the roads while at the same time helping our clients to manage their running costs, then we will certainly jump at the opportunity to dothat,” Rautenbach says.

Additional Info

Regent offers a wide choice of innovative, tailored insurance solutions to the South African market. The Regent Group is part of the Imperial family. Imperial is a diversified multinational mobility group with activities that include motor vehicles and related operations across all modes of transport for people and freight, both locally and abroad. As part of this diversified group, the Regent culture is based on entrepreneurship, innovation and an adherence to industry-specific best practices that characterise the way Imperial does business. The Regent Group has become a well-known specialist and market leader in its chosen markets and an exceptional range of short-term insurance and life assurance products are available under one Regent brand, offering a one-stop-shop. Regent operates in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho.

Women are still better drivers despite misconceptions by men

The fact that a woman is more likely to go for a snazzy metallic car with the perfect cup holder has nothing to do with the quality and safety of her driving

Despite evidence from car dealers, and accident and damage claim statistics presented by insurers, men still find it difficult to accept that women are better drivers.

“Facts are facts, and just because a woman favours one make of a 4x4 over another, and justifies her choice by saying that she likes the shape, does not mean that she is more likely to crash it, compared to her male counterparts who may buy on the basis of wheelbase, engine capacity, kilowatts and the torque produced at low revs,” says Nicholas Nkosi, Head of Vehicle and Asset Finance – Personal Markets at Standard Bank.

Unfortunately for men, the reality is that if you are younger than 30, you will find that women  drivers in the same age group pay up to 30% less in monthly premiums because they take fewer risks and are more vigilant.

“While there is no doubt that there are huge differences in car choices based on gender, we should be careful not to confuse driving ability with buying behaviour - choices that women make are purely based on their personalities,” he adds.

The differences between women and men when it comes to car choices is emphasised by research, conducted last year, by TNS on behalf of Standard Bank, from over a thousand car owners who participated in the ownership survey that was part of the 2014 Standard Bank People's Wheels Awards.

When it comes to choosing a vehicle the gender of the purchaser is a critical factor. South African women listed Chevrolet, Fiat, Hyundai, and Toyota as their favourites, whilst men leaned towards Mercedes Benz and BMW as their vehicles of choice.

“These choices suggest that women will more often be influenced by practical considerations and that men choose their cars primarily based on performance  and masculinity. Despite their differences when it comes to selecting cars, both genders regard style and looks as the most important consideration when buying a car. Similarly, they both place safety features high up on their respective lists,” says Mr Nkosi.

Given the increasing cost of vehicles locally, it is also interesting to note that 86% of drivers polled in the research said they would buy the same make again - indicating a high level of satisfaction with the vehicle they presently owned.

Overall, the impression this gives is that much thought and research is undertaken before buying decisions are made.

Furthermore, most South Africans, regardless of gender, choose vehicle financing as the quickest route to acquiring the vehicle of their dreams. Women, however, are more likely to consider their choice in light of available budget and the impact it could have on balancing their household accounts.

“With vehicle prices constantly moving upwards, we expect that more purchasers will begin moving their car selection criteria away from what they can afford on a monthly basis, to a more in-depth analysis of price based on costs, interest rates, depreciation and trade-in values. This is to be encouraged as a car is generally the second most expensive acquisition for most families, after a house,” concludes Mr Nkosi.

Additional Info

TNS South Africa, based in Durban, is part of Kantar, one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups and has operated in South Africa for more than 30 years. With a presence in over 80 countries, TNS has more conversations with the world’s consumers than anyone else and understands individual human behaviours and attitudes across every cultural, economic and political region of the world.

Standard Bank People’s Wheels Awards is an annual awards programme established by the Future Group in partnership with TNS and sponsored by Standard Bank. The awards are a result of a nationwide online survey run over a 3 month period to deduce winners in 22 categories. The car which received the highest number of votes is dubbed – The People’s Choice, the overall winner.

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Isuzu Off-Road Academy to assist Rhino Revolution

This month the Isuzu Off-Road Academy joined members of Rhino Revolution as a logistics partner, providing funding to assist with locating and capturing rhino, as part of a major dehorning and DNA collection programme in Hoedspruit, Limpopo. Rhino Revolution is a non-governmental organisation which was founded in 2011 by concerned community members and rhino owners. The Rhino Revolution project has initiated a 7-point plan which underscores a long-term vision to protect and grow the population of rhino back to sustainable numbers.

Key aspects include dehorning and treatment of all surviving rhino in order to relieve the threat of poaching in the short term, to seek out intelligence and information on poaching activity, to utilise the most innovative and advanced technologies to track and monitor rhino movement, and maximise efforts in ensuring the apprehension of poachers and the enforcement of the maximum possible sentence terms.

“The state of rhino poaching in South Africa is at an extreme level and we as South Africans have to do everything in our power to put an end to this brutal and cruel trade. Isuzu, through the Off-Road Academy, is well placed to lend a helping hand to this cause by providing driver training as well as logistics support to the anti-poaching rangers working with the rhino project,” says Mlungisi Nonkonyana, Isuzu Brand Manager at General Motors South Africa.

The project, which also takes on a strong community focus, seeks further to involve the media and community in the broadest context to heighten a zero-tolerance approach to poaching, and to educate the people of the region at a grass roots level on the value of wildlife tourism to the local economy. “We have given the go-ahead for the Isuzu Off-Road Academy to conduct a two day off-road driver training course with 20 rangers from Rhino Revolution.

This will be a valuable skill for the organisation as most of the rangers are drawn from the local community in Hoedspruit and have no prior off-road driving experience,” concludes Nonkonyana. For more information on Rhino Revolution, visit www.rhino-revolution.com. Isuzu Off-Road Academy courses are also available to the public – visit www.isuzu.co.za or call 011 431 2000 for more information.

Redefine Wine #2010SowetoStyle Enjoy Responsibly!!

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– It’s that time! When the chic, inspirational, and stylish wine-loving set plan their first weekend in September! With Spring in their step, choosing their outfits, booking their friends, spoiling their designated drivers, getting ready for the 2014 TOPS at SPAR Soweto Wine & Lifestyle Festival, presented by Joburg Tourism, happening from 4-6 September 2014 at the University of Johannesburg in Soweto.

‘Twenty-Ten’ Soweto means something different in 2014. Definitely not football! It is #2010SowetoStyle - twenty years of democracy and ten years Wine-Styling in Soweto making this 2014 festival a very special one and you don’t want to miss a minute!

Joburg Tourism is going BIG this year celebrating their ‘Top 10 Attractions in Joburg’, and they are launching this concept at the TOPS at SPAR Soweto Wine and Lifestyle Festival. There will be big prizes available for social media fundi’s that snap the top 10 attractions and post these to their networks. You have to be in it to win it!

If you are not sure how to plan 3 nights’ of wine tasting without the usual repercussions, then keep reading. Over 3 nights of wine tasting, you will want to taste the lighter, sweeter wines first and the heavier, dryer wines last. This way, the heavier wines don’t overwhelm your senses and distort the tastes of the lighter wines. An appropriate wine tasting order is: Thursday - sparkling wines and the light, younger white wines and end the evening tasting the very sweet dessert wines. Then Friday, taste the heavier, older whites and rosé’. On Saturday, taste the light, younger reds and finish off tasting heavier, older reds.

To break up your well-planned tasting schedule, get cultured at the free ‘wine and food taste experience’ class with your friends. Nederburg is teaming up with Robertson’s Herbs and Spices to present this year's popular Taste Theatre Experience, featuring Nederburg winemaker, Samuel Viljoen, and seasoned celebrity chef, soon to be announced.

Wellington Metshane, cellar controller of Nederburg red wines will assist. These classes offer visitors an entertaining, informal and interactive taste-and-discover encounter with wine and food flavours, textures and palate weight.

"It's much more than a show-and-tell event," explains Melissa Diedericks, brand manager for Nederburg. "By tasting wine and food combinations for yourself as part of the experience, you get to find out first-hand, what works, what doesn't and then explore why, with two leading experts in the field.” They will be handing out canapés for the class audience to sample with wines chosen from the Nederburg Winemaster's Reserve internationally acclaimed range.

Nederburg will be giving away wine prizes in a lucky draw at each of the presentations. The Taste Theatre will be staged at 18:30, 19:30 and 20:30 on Thursday and Friday, and at 17:30, 18:30 and 19:30 on Saturday, September 6.

The TOPS at SPAR Soweto Wine & Lifestyle Festival will attract around 10 000 people over the 3 evenings, from first-timers to 10-year-connoisseurs, providing an invigorating experience of fine wine, fine food, fine music and fine times, a weekend to remember.

Says Mark Robinson, TOPS Group Liquor Manager and headline sponsor, “TOPS at SPAR takes drink-driving seriously and therefore we will have two DRYVER stands at the festival. Look out for the DRYVER satellite station at the TOPS at SPAR stand and download the app. It is a free local social media network alternative to drinking and driving. It allows you to connect with your crew to score a safe lift home. See which of your buddies are deciding to drink, or who are staying sober, then get in touch to organise a ride home. It is available free for Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobiles.”

To find out more and book tickets go to www.sowetowinefestival.co.za

We urge attendees to plan in advance to ensure that a designated driver drives them home.

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Yaris Extreme meets X-Fighters

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The Red Bull X-Fighters are bringing their high flying, back flipping professional Freestyle Motocross (FMX) riders to Pretoria and the Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride will be right there to ensure that the thrill and excitement doesn't stop.

The Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride, which launched earlier this year will be on the schedule for the day. The Thrill Ride is an obstacle course which is strategically assembled to showcase the Toyota Yaris' excitement factor. The extreme obstacles, including the Up and Over, the Strobe Tunnel and Jump and the Slide Slope sling shot, are guaranteed to get your pulse racing and adrenalin pumping.

"We are excited to be partnering with the Red Bull X-Fighters for the last leg of their World Tour in South Africa at the Union buildings. The Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride is a natural fit for the Red Bull X-Fighters as the thrill ride is designed to get your pulse racing," says Kerry Roodt, General Manager Marketing Communications of Toyota South Africa Motors.

The Red Bull X-Fighters saved the best for last and will be ending their four continent World Tour 2014 in South Africa. This is also the first time the X-Fighters will be in Africa. This is a group of the best freestyle motocross riders from around the world. The showcase was started in 2001 and since then, has taken the world by storm.

South African FMX champion, Nick de Wit is the only African rider part of the Red Bull X-Fighters showcase. Nick has participated in various FMX events across the world including the Masters of Dirt sessions in South Africa. Nick's love for the freestyling is evident in every competition he participates in.

Tickets to the Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride will be handed out randomly and can be enjoyed as a once off at the show. Each of the passengers' heart rate will be monitored for the duration of the ride. Each heart rate will be entered into a leader board for each hour and the highest heart rate per hour will win a specially designed Yaris Extreme jacket. In addition all passengers will receive a goodie bag to commemorate their exhilarating ride.

"We encourage all Toyota and X-Fighter fans to enjoy the day. Exhilaration is promised and heart stopping action guaranteed," adds Roodt.

There will also be a special appearance by Leeroy Poulter and Giniel de Villiers during the show.

The Red Bull X-Fighters will be at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 23 August 2014. Visit www.toyota.co.za for more information on Yaris Extreme and the Red Bull x-Fighters. Attendees are encouraged to use #ToyotaGetsMyPulseRacing on Twitter to share their memories.

Capetonian beauty to compete in Namibian Cycle Challenge

Ready, steady, GO! The HvW MTB Cycle Challenge, the new addition to this year’s Huisgenoot Hart van Windhoek, offers  five different entry categories, namely the 1km toddler and pushbike, 5km kids, 20km family, 35km intermediate and a 65km challenge, making the day that more exciting. Huisgenoot Hart van Windhoek and Mannie’s Bike Mecca presents a Cycle Challenge race for both young and old, a race that will take place on Saturday 6 September 2014.

This electronically timed cycle race will start and end at the Doc Jubber sports grounds, where the annual Huisgenoot Hart van Windhoek festivities will take place. Former Miss South Africa finalist, actress and the face behind numerous health awareness campaigns, Vanessa Haywood, will be joining cycling legend Mannie Heymans at the HvW MTB Cycle Challenge. She will also take part in the race.

To encourage team spirit and sportsmanship amongst cyclists, prize money to the value of N$30 000 will be up for grabs. A lucky draw will take place, with prizes consisting of a 4-team entry to the FNB Desert Dash for the 35km intermediary race and an overall challenge prize - two return tickets to Cape Town to take part in The Argus race. If you can’t make the Argus, your tickets can be transferred to any other time. All winners must be present to collect prizes. The entry costs start from N$20 and includes a ticket to attend Saturday’s Huisgenoot Hart van Windhoek festivities.

This is indeed a day you and your family should not miss out on! Find your digital entry form here: https://plankton.mobi/Events/EventBooking/c883b959-59fd-4e40-9d1f-9d777c580179

For any enquiries about the race and prizes up for grabs, contact Mannie Heymans on +264 811240320 or hvw@mr-african.com

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