Have you considered the cost of that last round?! Do not drink alcohol before you drive!

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Drinking and driving remains a serious problem in South Africa – especially during the December holiday season…students are out celebrating their independence, companies are having their end of year parties and employees are taking the opportunity to ‘let their hair down’ after a hard year. 

According to Andrew Le Roux, CE of Old Mutual iWYZE, it is frightening how many South African drivers still risk taking to the road after having a few drinks.

“We all know that it’s not a good idea to drink and drive, but when you’re out having a good time it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve had to drink,” Le Roux says. “You might think you’re fine, but if you’ve had more than two beers or a single glass of wine, you may test over the legal limit, depending on the period of time that has passed since your last drink and your weight.”

Think before you have ‘one for the road’

“It’s obviously best not to drink and drive at all,” says Le Roux “and if you do have a drink, arrange transport home or have a designated driver. If you don’t, it could cost you:

Your driver’s license.  If you are caught drinking and driving you risk being arrested, with possible prosecution which could result in you losing your driver’s license.  You could even end up with a permanent criminal record if prosecuted and this, in turn, could have implications on future employment.

Your freedom.  You will be taken to jail if you are caught drinking and driving – and even if you don’t serve a jail sentence, it will have a major impact on your life.  You may lose your job, struggle to obtain credit and be limited to where you can travel due to your criminal record. ..

Your life or that of someone else.  Worst of all, by drinking and driving you could kill or permanently disable yourself, a member of your family or other innocent people if you are involved in an accident.

“Plus, if you injure yourself or someone else whilst driving under the influence of alcohol and not over the legal limit, neither your insurance company nor the Road Accident Fund will pay your claim or assist you financially, as they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drink driving.” Andrew Le Roux continues.

It’s better to be safe than sorry

“If you are going to drink, even if it’s just one drink, then you shouldn’t drive at all. Rather arrange for a lift home than have to live with your conscience and the financial loss of an alcohol-related car accident.” Le Roux concludes.

Be WISE – don’t drink and drive!

Old Mutual iWYZE launched the iDriveWYZE initiative in June 2012 to educate and inform the public about the dangers and impact of drunk driving. Together with their partners, who include Breathalysers.co.za and Drive Dry, they establish stands at local events around the country to raise awareness amongst the attendees about the implications of drinking and driving.

Visitors to the iWYZE stands are provided with educational material and encouraged to take a free breathalyser test to check their alcohol levels during and before leaving the event.  In addition, they sell disposable breathalysers to attendees who want to be able to test themselves in the future and the funds are donated to SADD and the Pebbles Project.

Between January and August 2014, iWYZE breathalysed 11 476 individuals at 52 events around the country, and raised awareness in many more about the dangers of drinking and driving.

To find out more about how iDriveWYZE educates and saves lives, visit www.iDriveWYZE.co.za, join them on Facebook at iDriveWYZE, or follow them on Twitter @iDriveWYZE

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Ford Boldly Redefines the SUV with Smart, Rugged and Refined New Ford Everest

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Ford Everest

  • The new Ford Everest seamlessly blends rugged off-road capability with exceptional ride quality and dynamic handling, delivering a versatile vehicle that surpasses what consumers have come to expect from an SUV
  • With a chiseled and sculptural design, Ford's latest seven-seat off-road SUV features a body-on-frame construction, intelligent four-wheel drive and an advanced Terrain Management System to help drivers navigate challenging terrain with ease and confidence
  • Together with an advanced suspension that offers exceptional ride comfort and agile handling, the new Ford Everest's spacious, modern interior with high-quality craftsmanship delivers a comfortable ride for up to seven passengers
  • Advanced features, including Adaptive Cruise Control, SYNC 2 and segment-first Curve Control, Lane Keeping Aid and Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert, make the new Ford Everest one of the smartest SUVs in its segment
  • The new Ford Everest can be equipped with one of three powerful engines with excellent fuel efficiency -  the latest generation of Ford's 2.0L EcoBoost petrol engine or one of two updated Ford Duratorq TDCi diesel engines - mated to robust six-speed automatic or manual transmissions for exceptional capability

BEIJING, China, November 13, 2014 - Taking a bold step to redefine the SUV market in Asia Pacific and beyond, Ford today unveiled the new Ford Everest, a technologically advanced, stunningly capable and refined seven-seat SUV that will be launched in 2015. In Asia Pacific, the Ford Everest will be available in nine markets: China, Australia, New Zealand, India, and markets across the ASEAN region. Ford will also introduce the rugged SUV to Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa in 2015.

"The new Ford Everest is an exceptionally versatile vehicle, equally prepared for the everyday commute as it is for the most extreme off-road terrain," said Dave Schoch, president, Ford Asia Pacific. "The Everest's unique blend of tough capability and exceptional comfort is going to resonate with drivers across Asia Pacific and around the world."

Ford Everest 2

With a rugged, sculptural design that reflects its unshakeable toughness and technological prowess, the new Ford Everest blends strength, smart features and style to bring consumers a tough and versatile SUV with true off-road capability. In addition to surprising and delighting fans of rugged off-road SUVs, the new Ford Everest embodies Ford's fun-to-drive DNA to deliver rewarding and dynamic on-road handling, offering no compromises on refinement and comfort.

"The Ford Everest will help to expand our product footprint in the region with a tough and refined vehicle that enables drivers, their families, friends and colleagues to go anywhere comfortably - whether on urban roads or far off the beaten track," said Trevor Worthington, vice president, Product Development, Ford Asia Pacific. "From the EcoSport to the Everest, our SUV portfolio in Asia Pacific offers something for everyone."

Led by Ford's Asia Pacific design and product development teams, and making use of Ford's global SUV expertise, the new Ford Everest builds on the reputation of the current Ford Everest, which is praised for its durability and versatility. The new Ford Everest will be available in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive variants depending on specific market demand.

"The new Ford Everest represents an epic commitment on the part of the Ford Motor Company to meet and exceed high customer expectations," said Worthington. "From the very beginning we set aggressive targets, and with the Ford Everest we have truly raised the bar for this type of vehicle in design and capability, with advanced technologies for a smarter, safer and more capable vehicle at a very attractive price."

Ford Everest 4

Balancing rugged off-road and refined on-road capability

The new Ford Everest was designed from the ground up with the durability to take on the most inhospitable environments. One of the toughest SUVs in its segment, the Ford Everest has a true body-on-frame design, assuring the torsional strength required for challenging terrains. Together with an intelligent four-wheel drive system, an active transfer case with Torque on Demand, Terrain Management System, and best-in-class ground clearance of 225 mm and water-wading capability of 800 mm, the Ford Everest helps drivers navigate difficult terrain with ease.

For ultimate capability, the advanced Terrain Management System gives drivers four preset settings - Normal, Snow/Gravel/Grass, Sand and Rock- that alter the vehicle's throttle response, transmission, intelligent four-wheel drive system and traction control to confidently tackle any situation. For extreme off-road environments, drivers can manually lock the transfer case in low-range four-wheel drive mode for increased control.

These impressive off-road credentials are paired to a new level of ride quality and dynamic handling beyond what consumers have come to expect in a rugged SUV. Thanks to its coil spring front and rear suspension and a Watt's linkage on the rear axle, the new Ford Everest provides a comfortable, stable ride with agile and predictable handling on the road, keeping the promise of Ford's fun-to-drive DNA.

Advanced technology for a smarter, safer drive

Ingeniously packaged with "up for it" functionality enabling extraordinary journeys, the new Ford Everest is one of the most technologically advanced off-road SUVs ever made, and builds on Ford's global expertise in the utility segment.

The latest generation of Ford's in-car connectivity solution, SYNC 2, lets drivers use natural voice commands to control the car's entertainment system, climate controls and connected mobile devices more easily than ever before. SYNC 2 also boasts an 8-inch touchscreen with color-coded corners for easy menu navigation.

The new Ford Everest also offers a number of segment-first technologies, including Curve Control, designed to help drivers maintain control when approaching turns too quickly; Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Aid, two technologies that help prevent drivers from unintentionally drifting out of a lane; and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert, which informs drivers when there is a vehicle in their blind spot while driving or when preparing to reverse out of parking spots.

The vehicle also offers other advanced features, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Alert with Collision Mitigation, Roll Stability Control and an Electronic Stability Program that works with traction control to help the driver stay in control. To reduce parking anxiety, Active Park Assist enables drivers to parallel park hands-free, requiring only accelerating, shifting and braking from the driver.

In addition to advanced active safety systems, a strong passenger cage built using high-strength materials like boron steel, and passive safety features, including seven airbags, help to keep occupants safe in the event of a collision.

Power and efficiency to go further

The incredible capabilities of the new Ford Everest are made possible by one of three petrol and diesel engines, mated to durable and efficient six-speed automatic or manual transmissions. While availability differs across markets, all three engines deliver uncompromised power and torque with excellent fuel efficiency:

  • A new 2.0-liter four-cylinder twin-scroll EcoBoost petrol engine will debut in Asia Pacific in the Ford Everest, offering excellent torque, power and refinement combined with projected best-in-class fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions
  • For maximum power and torque for heavy-duty towing, Ford is offering the latest generation of its globally proven 3.2-liter Duratorq five-cylinder TDCi diesel engine, with upgrades including an updated exhaust gas recirculation system to boost efficiency
  • For maximum fuel economy without compromising performance, Ford is also offering the latest generation of the 2.2-liter Duratorq four-cylinder TDCi diesel

"This engine line-up demonstrates Ford's commitment to offering the power of choice to customers in different markets with different needs and preferences," said Worthington. "We've selected the engine technologies from Ford's global powertrain range that deliver the best combination of performance and efficiency to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of SUV customers."

Ford Everest 3

Smart and functional design        

The new Ford Everest stands apart with a bold, sculptural design that communicates its impressive capabilities and advanced smart features, while the robust front end with signature LED daytime running lights and wide stance make for a powerful presence on the road. The chiseled and technical design is also highly efficient - extensive aerodynamic testing led to an exterior that seamlessly melds form and function.

The new Ford Everest's bold exterior presence is paired with a modern interior that makes use of refined materials and emphasizes horizontal lines to create a comfortable, harmonious environment for up to seven adult occupants. Interior features balance ride comfort with ultimate practicality, including a large moon roof, a convenient powered liftgate, more than 30 cleverly designed stowage spaces, multiple power outlets in the first and second rows, and flexible seating and cargo arrangements - including fold-flat second- and third-row seating - to achieve a perfect balance between passenger demands and packing efficiency.

To ensure exceptional cabin quietness, Ford equipped the new Ford Everest with Active Noise Cancellation technology in addition to optimizing cabin sealing and sound absorbing materials throughout the vehicle.

Similar to the systems used in noise-cancelling headphones, Active Noise Cancellation uses three strategically placed microphones inside the cabin to detect and measure sounds. A smart control module instantaneously generates opposing sound waves, which are then fed through the Everest's audio system to cancel out unpleasant noises. The result is a quiet interior that lets the driver comfortably speak with third row passengers without shouting.

"With its safe and smart features, a refined interior and incredible on-road and off-road capabilities, the new Ford Everest sets a new standard in the medium SUV segment and represents a compelling addition to our global lineup of SUVs in Asia Pacific," said Worthington. "Taking advantage of our global design and development expertise, and our proud heritage in the utility segment, we've created a vehicle that goes far beyond customer expectations."

The new Ford Everest will be manufactured at AutoAlliance Thailand in Rayong, Thailand, for ASEAN markets. In China, the new Ford Everest will be manufactured by Ford's Jiangling Motors Corp (JMC) joint venture at the JMC Xiaolan Plant in Nanchang, China, and distributed through JMC's Ford-brand network of dealers.

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How can I protect my home’s thatch roof from fire hazards?

CaptureWith its charming aesthetic appeal combined with great insulation properties, the thatched roof has formed an integral component of the South African architectural landscape since the arrival of the first settlers in the Cape. But, as beautiful as a thatched roof is, it can also be a fire hazard if appropriate safety measures are not observed.

Common ignition sources for thatch fires include electrical faults, hot chimneys passing through thatch, lightning and power surges. On rare occasions, embers from open flames such as bonfires or braais can be blown onto highly combustible materials, such as dry trees, wood piles - or a thatched roof.

By following this handy guide of simple yet essential practices, you can get the most from your roof without facing any undue risks.


Lightning protection

All houses with thatch roofs must have lightning conductors installed to protect them from lightning strikes which can cause a fire. The conductor must be SABS Code of Practice compliant. If the house is very high or large, the lightning conductor in turn has to be suitably high to provide a cone which covers the entire roof. This requirement can be addressed by installing two masts, or even installing a mast on a chimney. For single masts, the roof must fall within a 45 degree angle from the highest point of the mast downwards. You should also make sure that the 45 degree cone is at least one metre above the roof of the building.

Fire retardants

The thatch should be treated with a fire retardant. There are various retardant chemicals available that can be applied to thatch by immer­sion; typically, the application of fire retardant is done during routine professional maintenance which is required for a thatched roof. In new houses, a fire resistant layer should be installed inside the thatch as the roof is installed.

Drencher water systems

One of the best measures for preventing fires from spreading between thatched roofs is the installation of a drencher water system at the highest part of the roof. A dedicated drencher water system cascades water over and down all the exposed thatch in the event of a fire. While this may not save the property when a fire starts, it can prevent the spread of fire from one roof to another (which occurred in the 2012 Cape St. Francis fire) to minimise the risk of destruction to multiple properties.

Other precautions

Standard safety measures which should be observed wherever possible with a thatched roof include:

  • An adequate water supply should be nearby (together with a long hosepipe);
  • Fire extinguishers should be kept (and checked annually);
  • Ensure chimneys comply with applicable safety regulations;
  • Avoid the potential for electrical faults by being vigilant and conducting regular maintenance.


Lapas are often built close to boundary walls and can endanger neighbours, especially in windy conditions. Keep the area around the lapa clear of anything that might be a potential fire hazard.

Properties with thatched roofs are more prone to fire than other buildings. Despite the heightened risk, thatched houses are insurable, but it is advisable that owners of these homes or buildings take specific measures to reduce risk to improve their ability to source affordable insurance solutions.

For a no obligation home insurance quote from MiWay visit www.miway.co.za


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MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct, short-term insurance company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household and homeowners insurance as well as add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover. MiWay's shareholder is Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

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Ferrari: Finali Mondiali from 3 to 6 December in Abu Dhabi

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Maranello 7 November - From 3 to 6 December, Abu Dhabi's spectacular Yas Marina circuit will host the 2014 Finali Mondiali Ferrari, which therefore takes place outside Europe for the first time. The event features four days of excitement and spectacle, of the sort that only Ferrari can provide, aimed at all fans of the Prancing Horse.

The key ingredients of the Finali Mondiali weekend are sport, passion and racing, as well as the unbeatable show put on by the historic Formula 1 cars. It brings down the curtain on the racing year with the final races of the three Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli series, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific and the grand finale on Saturday, which will feature a record number of 458 Challenge cars fighting it out for the title of World Champion.

 Apart from the racing, the main highlight is the appearance of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team, who will put on demonstration runs, with pit stops, burnouts and starts on the Yas Marina circuit.  Also on track, the Ferrari GT cars that took part in the most prestigious GT championships, running the 458 GTE, the current FIA WEC championship winning car that was also victorious in the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours, in the hands of  Gimmi Bruni, Toni Vilander and Giancarlo Fisichella.

The weekend also features a display of some amazing Ferrari classic cars that have beaten all world records in the most important car auctions. On top of that, there will be a spectacular parade around the 5.554 km of the Abu Dhabi circuit featuring no less than 200 Ferrari cars, as well as the exclusive cars that make up the XX, 599XX and FXX programmes, cars created for the track and run by a very select group of owners.

There will be a host of other activities taking place in the paddock and other areas around the track, as well as something specifically for the kids. And of course, nearby, there are the attractions of the nearby Ferrari World, the first theme park dedicated to the Maranello marque, with all its rides, including the adrenalin rush of the Formula Rossa rollercoaster. Plenty of Prancing Horse fun for the whole family.                         

You can register early at www.Ferrari.com in the special section and download tickets directly to attend every day free of charge.

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PE Commercial Crime Unit arrested three suspects in possession of card skimming devices

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Port Elizabeth Commercial Crime Unit clamped down on three suspects late last night, Tuesday 04 November 2014, who were in possession of various electronic devices used for card skimming at ATM’s.

The Commercial Crime Unit responded to information received regarding three suspects that were travelling from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.  The suspects are aged between 34 and 42 and two of the suspects are of Serbians Nationality and the other suspect is from the UK.  Through intensive investigation by the officers attached to the Port Elizabeth Commercial Crime Unit, a vehicle that were used by the suspects were identified which subsequently led the members to a local hotel in Port Elizabeth.

The three suspects were arrested in the hotel room they were occupying and various electronic devices were found inside the room, such as ATM card slots, various card skimming devices, keypad devices and cameras.

The suspects will appear in court on Friday, 11 November 2014 in the New Law Courts, Port Elizabeth, on charges of fraud.

The Commercial Crime Unit would like to use this opportunity to warn the community against card skimming and further appeal to community members to be alert when using their bank and credit cards at ATM’s. Citizens should also practise safety and be vigilant when using their bank card to pay for any transaction.  Bank cards should not leave your sight at any stage.

Fully subscribed Fairview Attakwas offers limited charity entries


Germany's Karl Platt, four time winner of the ABSA Cape Epic, opts to push his bike up a loose climb as he leads the front group at the 2014 Fairview Attakwas Extreme Challenge. The 2015 event is full, but the organisers made 70 charity entries available on Wednesday 5 November. Photo by Zoon Cronje/Nikon/Xtremedia

You don’t just enter and ride the Fairview Attakwas mountain bike race and zip home with another finisher’s medal. Such is the event’s prestige and difficulty that you have to specifically train for it, plan it into your life (it’s not close to any large cities), start at one point, ride your heart out for hours and hours to finish at a different point and then only do you get a finisher’s medal. And then can you make your way back home. Proudly.

Sounds like a real challenge, right? Well it is. And that’s why the full name is the Fairview Attakwas Extreme Mountain Bike Challenge. And that’s why the 2015 edition on 17 January sold out its capacity of 800 entries in record time. Again. And that’s why it’s worth setting your sights on one of the 70 charity entries that will be launched today (Wednesday 5 November 2014). Only riders registered on the waiting list will qualify for charity entry package access. To register, visit www.atta.co.za.

Starting at Chandelier Game Lodge and finishing at Pine Creek Resort, both in the Oudtshoorn region of the Western Cape, the race is held over a distance of 121km with total vertical ascent of 2900 metres. Those numbers match any ABSA Cape Epic Queen Stage, but it’s the severity of the terrain and potentially extreme weather that make it an impressive feat to finish Fairview Attakwas within the 11-hour cut-off.

Some years the sun is baking hot, delivering temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius; other years it’s cool and cloudy with the possibility of rain. One thing that’s virtually certain though is that there will be wind. And it’s usually a relentless wind that blows off the Indian Ocean and which is a headwind in the final quarter of the gruelling race…

Then there’s the Attakwas. Essentially this is a 300-year-old pass over the Outeniqua Mountains that is steep with a loose surface that ranges from stony to rocky. Even the seasoned international professionals that take on the race each year lament the difficultly of finding any kind of pedalling rhythm through here. There’s good reason the word ‘Extreme’ is used in the event’s name.

Since the Robinson Pass was completed in 1869 the Attakwas Kloof region was largely unused and is now a protected area that falls under Cape Nature, boasting flourishing indigenous vegetation including proteas, waboom, ericas and other fynbos. There are also imposing natural rock formations and old historical buildings and ruins, which lead to the Attakwas being declared a National Monument in 1995.

The 70 charity entry packages coast R1400 each and comprise entry to the full race, a pre-race Klein Karoo International ostrich steak dinner with a bottle of Fairview wine and a 2014 event t-shirt. A portion of each charity entry fee will go to the Fairview Dryland Traverse Academy, which helps develop and support underprivileged local residents in both trail running and mountain biking.

While the long-distance race is full, the 52km Spur Attakwas Mini, held on the same day, is still open for entries. It’s the ideal event for those wanting to tackle the main event in future, but aren’t quite ready for it, or those who enjoy mountain biking but not at the extreme end… With a total of 1100 metres of ascent, it’s no cruise either. To enter before the rider limit is reached, visit www.atta.co.za

For more information on the Fairview Attakwas Extreme Challenge and the Spur Attakwas Mini, visit www.atta.co.za

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Breast cancer still tops the list of cancers impacting South African women

different types of cancer


Almost one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some stage of their lives, making it the most common cancer to impact women in South Africa.

According to Pogiso Tlholoe, radiation therapy and oncology unit manager at Netcare Clinton Hospital in Alberton, “Breast cancer makes up about 12% of all cancers and the incidence is higher in women between the ages of 40 and 70 years, although it can occur in younger women as well as in men.”

Despite the high prevalence of breast cancer, the causes of the disease are still unknown. However, research has brought several risk factors to the fore, which may increase an individual’s chances of getting the disease.

Risk factors for breast cancer

  • Being over the age of 50 years
  • Long-term use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Personal or family history of cancer, including breast cancer
  • Early menstruation or late menopause
  • Lifestyle factors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, being overweight and a lack of physical exercise

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Tlholoe suggests that the warning signs for breast cancer may differ from person to person. “Some individuals do not have any signs or symptoms at all, which is why it is imperative that you make an appointment for a routine mammogram, which is an X-ray of the breast, and one of the best methods to detect breast cancer early on when it is easier to treat and the success rate is higher.

Sometimes an ultrasound or sonar scan of the breast is also needed, particularly in younger women whose breasts are more dense than older women whose breasts are more fatty. A sonar scan uses sound waves to create a picture of the tissues inside the breast.  This scan is often used to check abnormal results from a mammogram. However, the first indication of breast cancer is usually a lump in the breast or under the armpit,” she adds.

The following are other signs and symptoms:

  • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast or armpit
  • Puckering (wrinkling) of the skin of the breast
  • The sudden development of a retracted nipple
  • A change in the skin around the nipple, such as redness, flaking or irritation
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • Any change in the size or the shape of the breast
  • Pain in any area of the breast, including the nipple
  • An enlargement of the glands under the armpit
  • One breast being lower than the other

“Bear in mind that some of these warning signs are also symptoms of other conditions and may not necessarily mean that you have breast cancer. It is, however, advisable to make an appointment for a mammogram if you are concerned that you may have the disease,” cautions Tlholoe.

Treating breast cancer

The first step in the management of a breast lump is a biopsy, which is the removal of a sample of tissue or cells to be examined by a pathologist to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease. “If breast cancer is diagnosed, treatment is then tailored to the type of cancer and the patient’s wishes. Treatment can involve a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and, in some cases, hormone or biological therapies. The type of surgery needed depends on the type of breast cancer you have,” explains Dr Sylvia Rodrigues, oncologist at Netcare Clinton Hospital.

Surgery is usually followed by chemotherapy, which involves the use of toxic drugs to kill cancer cells. This type of treatment is systemic, meaning it impacts the entire body and even damages healthy cells, which fortunately have the ability to repair. This is why there are often many side-effects such as hair loss, nail discolouration, skin irritation and nausea associated with this type of treatment.

Radiotherapy is another treatment option that uses powerful X-rays to destroy cancer cells specifically in the area that is impacted. “In some cases, hormone or biological treatments are also required. Again, the treatment you need depends on the type of breast cancer you have. Your doctor will discuss the best treatment plan with you,” says Dr Rodrigues.

Esme Abrahams, general manager of Netcare Clinton Hospital, adds that the facility has a fully integrated oncology centre offering chemotherapy and radiation therapy facilities. The centre is dedicated to the treatment and care of patients with all types of cancer and uses internationally accepted protocols and advanced technology. “A multidisciplinary breast cancer meeting is also held on a monthly basis at Netcare Union Hospital, where cases of individual patients are discussed (while maintaining patient confidentiality) in order to offer each patient the best possible treatment and outcome,” she says.

“The radiotherapy department at the hospital specialises in intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), which focuses on the targeted area while avoiding or minimising radiation to the healthy surrounding tissue and organs. The department also specialises in image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) which is a type of therapy that improves tumour and also reduces adverse side-effects,” notes Abrahams.

Prevention of breast cancer

“Our primary goal is to meet the physical and emotional needs of each patient with clinical competency, courtesy and empathy,” Tlholoe asserts. “However, we also focus on encouraging women to make certain lifestyle changes to decrease their risk of getting breast cancer. We promote quitting smoking, limiting your alcohol intake, and maintaining a healthy weight through a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. New mothers should choose to breastfeed if possible, as research suggests that breastfeeding decreases the risk of getting breast cancer. Speak to your doctor about limiting your dose and duration of hormone therapy and avoid exposure to environmental pollution. And lastly, we want to encourage women to go for routine mammograms because it really is one of the best ways to detect the disease early on when it is easier to treat,” concludes Tlholoe.


Trevor Abrahams wins 2014 Toyota New Harvest of the Year Award

New harvest 1

Passion, innovative marketing strategies and community involvement earned Trevor Abrahams the 2014 Toyota New Harvest of the Year award. Toyota awarded Abrahams with a Toyota Hilux 2.5D-4D Single Cab at a gala dinner held in Johannesburg.

Abrahams was recognised as the most promising young farmer from a previously disadvantaged background in the 2014 Toyota New Harvest of the Year competition which was run by Toyota SA Motors concurrently to the Agri SA Toyota SA Young Farmer of the Year competition.

"Farming is very challenging. Not only do farmers have to be multi-skilled managers but they also have to work through various challenges they often can't control such as weather and other environmental threats. It is not an easy task to run a farm and it shouldn't be underestimated. We salute farmers like Trevor who persevere and overcome daily challenges in order to succeed," says Glenn Crompton, Vice President of Marketing of Toyota South Africa Motors.

An educator by profession, Abrahams holds a Masters degree in Education from the University of the Western Cape. He farms with deciduous fruit, vegetables and livestock in the Ceres area of the Western Cape. He received his first land in 1999 through the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development programme. The land was further supplemented in 2005 and 2010.

Abrahams nominator, Mr. Kevin Maart of the Decidous Fruit Development Chamber of South Africa, said the following "Trevor's farms have made quantum leaps in a management and capital intensive industry in a short space of time to competently compete with the best commercial farmers in our industry in terms of production, pack-out figures, export quality and he is penetrating niche markets with his club cultivars."

New Harvest winner

He further added "Trevor is held in high esteem by his fellow farmers in the Witzenberg area. He is considered to be a leader farmer and an activist pushing the envelope for sustainable black farmer development. Trevor has proven that with sound management practices, dedication and hard work it is possible to make your farming business a success despite the myriad of challenges out there."

Abrahams is very involved in the community and serves as a board member on the Breede-Gouritz Catchment Management Agency, the local Business Forum and the regional Hortgro's Study Group. He has not lost his love for education and allows students from various universities to use his farms for research.

Prof Carlu van der Westhuizen, Convenor of the competition added "His dual marketing policy and -strategy, namely local supermarkets (using his next-door neighbour's pack house) and export (using the Delecta export company) adds to his achievements."

"We congratulate all the finalists who were nominated. That in itself is a huge achievement. We wish Trevor all the best for this future and wish him many happy journeys in his Hilux," concludes Crompton

New Harvest of the year vehicle handover

The other finalists in the Toyota SA New Harvest Competition and their nominators were:

  • Rydal Jeftha farms with wine grapes and produces wine in the Stellenbosch region. He was nominated by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.
  • Daniël Nortje farms with maize, lucerne, butternuts, cabbage, oats, dairy, bulls, sheep and chillies in the Zeerust area. He was nominated by Agristart.
  • Samuel Kgotsho Kgonono, an outfitter, farms with game in the Pongola area. He was nominated by Mark Dedekind Safaris.
  • Khumbulani Mthethwa farms with sugarcane in the Darnall area. He was nominated by the South African Cane Growers Association.

New Harvest finalists

Sakkie van Zyl awarded the coveted 2014 Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year Award

Sakkie Van Zyl

Sakkie van Zyl was awarded the coveted 2014 Agri SA Toyota Young Farmer of the Year award. Van Zyl was handed the keys to a Toyota Hilux 2.5D-4D at an awards ceremony held in Johannesburg on 31 October 2014.

Van Zyl was chosen as the derived winner through a gruelling process of regional competitions, where he was chosen as the North West regional finalist. Further to that all regional finalists compete against each other in the national competition which included finalists from all provinces.

“We would like to congratulate Mr van Zyl on his achievement and for winning this coveted award. We are proud of you and all the finalists for their contribution to South Africa. Toyota aims to award young farmers for their business acumen, marketing strategies and above all their tenacity and passion for this industry. Toyota South Africa’s roots are firmly placed in the Agriculture industry and this award is our way of saying thank you for the continued support,” said Glenn Crompton, Vice President of Marketing, Toyota South Africa Motors.

In winning the award, van Zyl successfully competed against finalists from all other provinces in South Africa. Finalists were nominated based on their performance in their respective region, and were subject to the rule that they are between 18 and 35 and must have been a member of Agri SA’s provincial organisations for at least two years. All finalists were nominated by their respective Agri SA provincial councils and were tested on a multitude of aspects, including their financial and business skills, farming skill and proficiency in management focusing specifically on their own contribution, independence and decision making authority.

Sakkie van Zyl farms in the Wolmaranstad region with maize, sunflower, groundnuts and commercial beef cattle and sheep. Van Zyl holds a BSc Agriculture degree in Animal Science and an MSc Agriculture degree in Agricultural Economics, both Cum Laude, from the University of Pretoria. Van Zyl started his career working for Grain SA and Syngenta before farming fulltime.

Young farmer of the year vehicle handover

Van Zyl is very active in his community and the industry. He is actively participates in organisations such as the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP), the Syngenta Grain Academy at the UFS School of Business, his local agricultural farmer union/association and study group, commodity organisations and with the local farm security and fire committees. Van Zyl’s business strategies are creative and effective and are set to overcome the limitations and challenges of the industry.

“The calibre of farmers for this competition rises every year. We understand the challenges that the Agriculture industry faces and applaud your perseverance and resilience. These qualities make all farmers very important not only to Toyota but South Africa as well. We are proud to be associated with this competition and look forward to continue our support,” added Crompton.

The evaluations were done by a panel of well-known agricultural specialists. They are Prof. Carlu van der Westhuizen, Agricultural Production Economist, Department of Agriculture and Central University of Technology; Prof John Annandale, Agronomist, Department of Plant Production and Soil Science and University of Pretoria; Prof Louw Hoffman, Distinguished Professor in Meat Science, Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch.

Van Zyl was awarded a Toyota Hilux 2.5D-4D Single Cab as his prize. The vehicle is worth over R300 000 and will be fitted with accessories to the value of R18 000.

“Sakkie van Zyl is a positive and energetic person, with a passion for what he is doing and for the people around him.  His responsibilities within the farming business are clear, and his involvement in the community is extensive.  Notwithstanding the fact that Sakkie is still implementing and adapting his business philosophy, he is regarded as an outstanding young farmer of whom the South African farming community can be very proud,” concludes Prof van der Westhuizen

Young farmer of the year

The other finalists in the Young Farmer of the Year competition nominations were:

Northern Cape: Kolver Mulke is the 2014 Northern Cape Young Farmer candidate and farms with maize, groundnuts, potatoes, onions, seed onions and wheat under irrigation in the Plooysburg area.

Gauteng: Paul du Plessis farms with maize, cattle, sugar beans and soy beans in the Heidelberg area.

Mpumalanga: Charles Hodsdon farms with stud & commercial cattle, maize, wheat and soy beans in the Volksrust area.

Limpopo: Zander Ernst farms with bananas and avocados in the Tzaneen area.

Free State: Boeboe Louw farms with irrigation & dryland maize, wheat, lucerne, sunflower, sheep and cattle in the Wesselsbron area.

Eastern Cape: Boertjie Nel farms with citrus in the Kirkwood area.

Western Cape: Jaco du Toit farms with table grapes in the Hex River Valley.

Young farmers of the year finalists

Three arrested defrauding bank clients of their cash in Durban


On Wednesday, 29 October 2014 members from the Provincial Crime Intelligence and Durban Organized Crime Unit arrested three female suspects aged between 25 and 30 for fraud in the Point area. Members from the Crime Intelligence Unit had been following information of suspects who have been defrauding bank clients of their cash.

The three suspects who were operating from a flat in Point would allegedly call bank clients and inform them that there is a company which is planning to debit the clients account via an unauthorized debit. The suspects would then offer the clients blocking service at a fee. Once the client agrees they will be requested to provide their bank details and personal details. Once all the information has been provided the suspects would take the information provided by the client and perform a sim swap and register for cell phone banking.

They will then transfer the clients’ funds into their accounts which they open under different names. Crime Intelligence members finally located the flat where the females were operating from and on entering the flat the members found the three suspects with over ten (10) bank cards and lists with people’s names and identity numbers. The suspects allege that they obtained the information from a call centre where they were previously employed. The suspects were arrested and will appear at the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 31 October 2014 facing charges of fraud.

The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Mmamonnye Ngobeni commended the police for the arrests and investigation. "It is arrests like these that contributed to our good performance in the previous financial year. We hope that these arrests send a clear message to fraudsters that their days are numbered," she said.