Los Angeles Auto Show debut for new open-top Lexus design study

Lexus LF-C2

The Los Angeles Auto Show hosted the world debut of the new LF-C2 concept, a 2+2 roadster design study that captures the key themes in a strong future style direction for Lexus.

Introducing the LF-C2, Jeff Bracken, Lexus US Group Vice President and General Manager said: "This concept shows consumers around the world Lexus's devotion to emotional designs and its passion for an exceptional driving experience."

The concept is derived from a pure and simple sports coupe idea, with a highly styled 2+2 layout. Designed to give driver and passenger the best top-down driving experience, it has no roof or cabin covering of any kind.

The exterior styling was influenced by the way surface shapes interact with different types of light. The designers created edges, planes and curves that allow the LF-C2 to project a different character when seen from different angles and in different lighting conditions. This approach, combined with a layered paint process, results in a striking appearance and a progressive interpretation of an open-top luxury GT.

The show car's golden yellow finish has been created using a multi-layered paint process. A primer coat is followed by silver, a clear coat, then a yellow which reflects off the silver to create a brilliant lustre, followed by a top coat.

Yasuo Kajino, LF-C2's Chief Designer, said: "We've been instinctively drawn to and inspired by those things that capture the beauty of light. When you put something in the right light, people see it in a way they never have before."

Lexus LF -C2 2

The concept displays an experimental rendering of Lexus's signature spindle grille design, using a 3-D braided mesh effect which represents Lexus craftsmanship. It sits between triangular LED headlights - a shared feature of Lexus sports cars - and indicator lights that initiate a character line that sweeps through the arrow-shaped body to the car's abbreviated tail section. Vents in the front bumper direct cooling air to the brakes and help manage airflow to keep the front end stable at high speed.

The profile displays a sweeping line from the front bumper fin to the steeply angled A-pillar. Small vents in the side sills direct air to the rear brakes, exiting through fin-like rear diffusers. The rear end features L-shaped tail lights, chrome-tipped quad exhaust pipes and a pronounced new rear diffuser design. The concept is shod with five-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the cabin is spacious and luxurious, matching the sporting elegance of the exterior. In fact the exterior styling extends into the cabin, with the centre console originating from the rear deck in a line that runs the length of the cabin to the dashboard. The dashboard itself displays a functional simplicity with an attractive but straightforward instrument cluster, a central video monitor controlled by a Remote Touchpad and a classic analogue clock set between the central air vents. The qualities of a driver's car are reflected in the thick, leather-wrapped steering wheel and form-fitting seats.

The interior designers sought a balanced atmosphere of power and simplicity that connects with the primary senses: white and grey leather surfaces are soft to the touch, and LED lights run the length of the interior below the window line.

LF-C2 dimensions

Length (mm) 4,715
Width (mm) 1,840
Height (mm) 1,385


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Toyota introduces the Fortuner “Epic”

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Fortuner epic

Everyone looks for something different in a new car. However, every once in a while a product comes along that manages to tick all the boxes. With its ideal blend of practicality, versatility, value for money, reliability, bulletproof residuals, impeccable on- and off-road credentials as well as feature-rich cabin, the Toyota Fortuner is just that sort of vehicle.

The commercial success of Fortuner is conclusive proof of this. Since its debut on the local market in 2006, it consistently racks up an average of 900 sales per month or to put it in perspective, around 50 percent of all medium* SUVs sold in South Africa are Fortuners.

Kerry Roodt, General Manager of Marketing Communications for Toyota SA Motors, echoes the aforementioned, attributing the Fortuner's success to the fact that it "resonates extremely well with South Africans."

"It's the consummate all-rounder, suitable for use in a number of different conditions, from urban highways and rocky mountain passes to sand dunes and the bushveld. This 'Go Anywhere, Do Anything. and Do it in Style' character of the Fortuner perfectly complements the lifestyle of outdoor-loving South Africans who need the dual-purpose capability of a 'bush and boulevard' cruiser. If ever there was an apt tag line then the Fortuner's got it - "Freedom is indeed beautiful'."

In 4x4 guise, the Fortuner features full-time 4WD with low range and a Torsen Limited Slip Centre Differential (LSD) with lock. 4x2 versions are likewise well equipped to go bundu bashing courtesy of a rear differential lock. They also share the same heavy-duty yet sophisticated suspension system with their 4x4 brethren comprising a double wishbone, high-mount set-up up front and a four-link, lateral control rod system at the rear.

Fortuner epic 2

The vehicle stats for both versions (4x4 and 4x2) further confirm the Fortuner's suitability for off-road work:


Approach angle 30 degrees
Departure angle 25 degrees
Ground clearance 220 mm
Wading depth 700 mm


"Fortuner also has what we call the price/size balance just right. In essence what this means is that buyers are getting a bigger vehicle than they expected, at a lower price than they were expecting to pay, making it a solid value-for-money proposition," Roodt says.

Another factor underpinning the Fortuner's popularity is that it's a proudly South African model. Produced at Toyota's Prospecton plant in Durban, the Fortuner is built on the IMV (Innovative Multi-purpose Vehicle) line alongside its Hilux sibling by no fewer than 2 483 line workers.

A brief look at the Fortuner's timeline reveals that this model has undergone a number of modifications and upgrades to keep it in line with market requirements and customer feedback. As Roodt points out, "the voice of the customer is critically important and this has to a large extent dictated many of the revisions that have been made to this bestseller."


2006 Locally-built Fortuner debuts in South Africa alongside 7th generation Hilux.
2009 Spec change sees Fortuner get Stability Control as standard and 17-inch wheels.
2011 Refreshed look for Fortuner as well as a number of comfort and convenience items added. A value-oriented 2.5 D-4D manual model was added to the line-up for the first time.
2012 2.5 D-4D Auto introduced.
2013 "Ltd Edition" offered on 3.0 D-4D and 4.0 V6 models.
2014 Fortuner "Epic" bows in alongside cosmetic tweaks applied across the range.


Fortuner epic 3

Toyota Fortuner "Epic"

Once again, Toyota's evergreen Fortuner SUV has been revised for the 2014/15 model year bringing a host of changes to maintain the family SUV's dominant position in its market segment.

Stylists have taken the Fortuner for a bit of cosmetic work. The redesigned front-end gains new headlights with black-out detail. The other striking changes are the teardrop-shaped chromed bezels surrounding the front fog lights. All outer mirrors are now chromed as opposed to colour-coded. Bringing up the rear are new tail lamps, once again with black-out detail, mirroring the front units.

Making an even bolder design statement with a thoughtfully curated suite of styling and practical enhancements, the "Epic" treatment is applied to 50 percent (over two months of production) of all the 3.0 D-4D and 4.0 V6 derivatives. Up front, this unique edition gets a chromed nudge bar with unique "Epic" branding. In profile, the dark grey 17-inch alloy wheels provide further visual differentiation. Adding functionality to the rear, "Epic" models get a towbar as well as a rear sill protector to make loading bulky objects just that little bit more hassle-free.


Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x2 Epic                            R461 800

Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x2 auto Epic                     R474 700

Fortuner 4.0 V6 4x2 auto Epic                        R493 100

Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x4 Epic                            R513 400

Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x4 auto Epic                     R526 500

Fortuner 4.0 V6 4x4 auto Epic                        R544 500

*Includes models such as the Chevrolet Trailblazer, BMW X3 and Hyundai Sante Fe.

Fortuner epic 4

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A safe holiday shopping experience makes Santa’s wish list this festive season


Over the last couple of months Gauteng has suffered a spate of mall robberies, with a few isolated incidents also taking place in other provinces. Usually, there is an uptake in these kinds of robberies over the holiday season as well.

Consequently, the South African Police Service launched its festive season campaign earlier this year in an effort to work with the public at large and local businesses in particular, on ways to cooperate and collaborate more effectively and make crime prevention measures more visible within South African malls.

According to Roy Alves, Business Development Manager for Axis Communications MEA, the use of camera surveillance solutions plays a role in deterring and helping to solve these incidents along with other measures such as shoplifting awareness and prevention training for mall tenants and their employees. Amongst other areas these cameras solutions can be used to monitor parking areas and common areas.

The benefits of implementing a modern, state-of-the-art surveillance system extends beyond creating a highly efficient loss prevention tool, as it also allows shopping complexes to enhance the profitability of their retail outlet. This, as network video helps to improve staff planning, store layout, and in-store advertising amongst other aspects of a retail business.

In addition, IP camera systems enable malls to improve staff security and can deliver a quick return on investment. This quick ROI comes via reduced loss, less time spent on investigating suspect incidents, and a decrease in liability claims.

Multiple network cameras can be overtly mounted inside as well as outside of a shopping mall for these to become an excellent theft deterrent, with the resulting video footage having further usage benefits in thwarting other crimes as well and helping staff to respond faster to incidents and emergency situations.

“With the addition of video analytics software, the mall management company will also be able to monitor patron traffic patterns at every entrance into the complex. This will enable them to use this info for marketing purposes and analysing business performance. Axis provides a range of network flexible video solutions that run on standard Ethernet networks and are compatible with the existing infrastructure of most malls. These proven solutions will meet the security and retail requirements of any retail outlet and deliver additional value through the business analytics tools,” concludes Alves.

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Effective insurance coverage means carefree holidays

Car on Road

December is a time when thousands of South Africans take to the nation’s roads or fly to local and international destinations to enjoy family holidays.  It is also, unfortunately, a time when there is a spike in accidents and crime. Being aware and taking reasonable precautions to ensure that you and yours are protected is a necessity, says Standard Bank.

Part of making sure that holidays don’t get blindsided by events that may occur at home, on the road or at your destination is checking that your insurance coverage is adequate, says Johan van Greuning, Head of Standard Insurance Limited.

He suggests that policy holders be aware of what negative impacts there could be on the outcome of insurance claims. “At this time of year, there is a rise in accident statistics due to driver negligence, vehicles that are not roadworthy as well as drinking and driving.

“Driver negligence could lead to claims being repudiated. This means that the driver will be responsible for the damage and legal costs arising from an accident.  Make sure that your vehicle is checked, serviced and roadworthy before you depart.”

There are several reasons why claims may not be paid, so it is important to understand what may have an impact on your claim. The most common reasons are:

  • If the vehicle is not roadworthy. For example if tyres were badly worn, vehicle lights were not working and windscreen wipers were inoperable when conditions demanded their use, the insurance company could repudiate the claim.
  • If the vehicle is overloaded to the point where steering, road-holding or braking is compromised.
  • If the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of an accident.
  • If the policyholder acted negligently or in a criminal manner.

Turning to other issues regarding holiday insurance, Mr Van Greuning says four categories of insurance should be checked before holiday journeys begin. These are:

Household and home insurance

Ensure these policies are in place. Take note of which fittings (such as geysers, walls, pool pumps and other equipment) are covered. It is advisable to list key items (with serial numbers) in the house and photograph them on site. This should be supplied to the insurance company and will prove invaluable when claiming in the event of a break-in.

If you are using house-sitters, make sure they understand who to contact if an emergency occurs, such as an ‘insurance-approved’ plumber or electrician.

Travel insurance

Nothing could be worse than having a holiday cut short because there is a cancellation that prevents you from travelling. Make sure you are adequately covered. Also, speak to your medical aid about cover if you are planning to travel abroad. If necessary, purchase additional health insurance so that if misfortune befalls a member of the family, treatment and even medical evacuation is guaranteed.

Consider how you will be paying for services. If you are travelling locally or abroad, remember to:

  • Keep the numbers of credit cards, debit cards and travellers cheques in a safe place to ensure they can be replaced if they are lost or stolen.
  • Arrange insurance for services that you will need if these items are lost. This will ensure that you are provided with accommodation, car hire and additional support.   

Vehicle insurance

Make sure you are covered for emergency breakdowns, accommodation expenses, roadside assistance and car hire, and upgrade your cover if necessary.

If the family is travelling with a trailer, make sure it is insured. If you intend crossing a border into a neighbouring country, confirm that you meet the following requirements:

  • A letter from your insurance company stating that the vehicle is covered for cross-border travel.
  • A letter of authorisation from the financing bank stating that the car may be driven across the border, as it is the property of the bank until it is paid off.

 Coverage for personal possessions

Most policies cover the loss of personal belongings, such as jewellery, spectacles and other personal items. This limit reflects everyday requirements and is fairly low. To avoid finding yourself in a position where losses far exceed this limit, provide your insurer with a detailed list of the personal items you intend to take with you, including serial numbers, so they can be insured.

Sporting equipment taken on holiday should also be insured. The nature of the equipment will dictate the level and type of cover offered by the insurance company.

“Checking that you are properly covered before you go on holiday can give you peace of mind. Taking precautions by confirming security measures at home are in place, stopping newspaper and magazine deliveries and letting neighbours know you will be away, will also make your holiday more carefree,” concludes Mr van Greuning.

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Two suspected card-cloning syndicate fraudsters arrested


Police believe that they are close to cracking a card-cloning syndicate operating after two suspected fraudsters in Rustenburg were arrested. The arrest was came after Police were alerted about a suspicious-looking African female who allegedly planned to purchase groceries at Pick ‘n Pay by using a cloned card.

The suspect was searched and found in possession of twenty cloned cards. Further investigation by the Police led to the arrest of the second suspect at one of the local filling stations near Waterfall Mall. The Nigerian national, believed to be mastermind behind the gang was found with receipts for the items bought in various retail shops using the same modus operandi.

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How can I best protect my home and car during a hailstorm?


Photo from News24

Photo from News24

Extreme weather is a major cause of damage to property, with insurance claims of more than R1-billion racked up in the past year alone. For much of the Highveld in particular, extreme weather generally means violent thunderstorms and hailstorms which can lay waste to houses and cars in mere minutes. When the weather threatens, the best you can do is to avoid the worst of it where possible – and be prepared if you can’t stay out of its way.

As the summer months and their storms approach, MiWay offers tips to minimise damage to your home and vehicles.

When driving

The best protection for your car is under cover. Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of hailstorms, getting out of their way isn’t always possible. If caught, stay calm and look for cover. This could be a covered car park, a petrol station or a bridge. But be careful when pulling over; don’t put yourself or others at risk by making a mad dash for shelter.

Useful tip: Don't park under trees as there is a danger of falling branches and debris.

If there’s no shelter close by, pull over onto the side of the road if it is safe to do so. Hail causes more damage to moving vehicles. You also don’t want to be driving in poor visibility or on slick roads.

Useful tip:  Keep your radio on and follow weather updates closely in summer to reduce the risk of being caught in heavy rains and storms.  

Your home

  • Make sure your home is ready for the rainy season. Clear gutters of leaves, twigs and any other debris regularly. Hail takes time to melt and an overflowing gutter could lead to a leaking roof and further damage. Clogged gutters also cause rainwater to pool, and that water will find its way into your house (particularly with older buildings).
  • Check the downpipes – make sure rainwater has somewhere to go. Large pools of water may harm your home’s foundations.
  • Make sure large trees around your house are trimmed and check for dead and dying branches that could break or fall down in a storm.

Hail Bloemfontein

During thunderstorms

  • Electricity follows wiring, so don’t use landline telephones, computers or other electrical devices during a thunderstorm.
  • Avoid taking a bath or shower and avoid any another water (pools and dams) for that matter, as water conducts electricity and you could be electrocuted.
  • Lightning can cause power surges, which can harm home electronic devices. Unplug appliances such as computers, WiFi modems and television sets.

Prevention is always better than cure, and MiWay assists clients by warning them of approaching hailstorms via SMS. This notification system, powered by AfricaWeather.com, advises clients to move their cars under cover or make the necessary arrangements to protect their vehicle.

MiWay have also harnessed email and SMSes to proactively assist clients that have been affected by hail storms in identified areas. This communication includes an online link specific to each client and event, which clients can use to fast-track their hail damage claims and avoid call centre queues.

However, despite your best precautions, thunderstorms and hail can get the better of you. If you suffer damage, be sure to call your insurance company as soon as you can to lodge a claim.

For more information on car and home insurance, visit www.miway.co.za

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct, short-term insurance company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household and homeowners insurance as well as add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover. MiWay's shareholder is Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

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Cross Country Racing Success with General Grabber MT

Sasol off-road

  • General Grabber MT excels in tough racing conditions in Parys
  • Multiple champions Nel and Pieterse won the race and set fastest lap time
  • Exceptional braking, handling and cornering from superb Grabber MT

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 13 November 2014 - The General Grabber MT has proved its performance as one of the best heavy-duty mud-terrain 4x4 tyres on the South African market, but it can now also boast success in the adrenaline-fuelled cross country racing scene.

Equipped with General Grabber MT tyres, multiple champions Giel Nel and navigator Ferdie Pieterse won the latest round of the Africa-Offroad Racing Club's regional championship, run under the auspices of World of Motorsport South Africa (WOMZA).

The Sasol Off-Road Motorsport Challenge, held in the Free State town of Parys, saw the duo start in 26th place out of 30 competitors due to it being their first time competing in the WOMZA series. They normally compete in the Northern Regions Championship run by Motorsport South Africa, campaigning their Class P Special Vehicle, powered by a Toyota 4,0-litre V6 engine.

Although the race was only 165 km long, it covered very rocky and harsh terrain that pushed the team, the vehicle and the new tyres to the limit.

"It was a great event and we thoroughly enjoyed the route," says navigator Ferdie Pieterse. "We passed a number of competitors on the first lap and thereafter had a clean run. Going into the last lap we were vying for the lead with two other vehicles, and we pushed a little bit harder to secure the win and the fastest lap of the race.

"Switching to the General Grabber MT has been amazing. They are much wider than the tyres we used previously, and this has contributed to much better braking performance.  Grip out of the corners has also vastly improved. The car turned and handled very well on the new Grabber MTs, especially considering that the race featured an incredibly twisty route that normally favours narrow front tyres."

According to Pieterse, the tyres also showed very little sign of wear, despite the arduous terrain. This reinforces the Grabber's proven reputation for exceptional durability.

While this was their first event in the Africa-Offroad Racing series, reigning 2013 Class P and overall Regional Special Vehicles champion Nel is currently lying second in class and third overall in the MSA Northern Regions standings.

Nel started racing in 1993, competing in rallying and off-road (now known as cross country) racing, but soon focused on the latter in the special vehicle category, which caters for spaceframe vehicles.

He secured the regional championship titles from 1993 to 1995, and followed this up with the national Class B titles in 2000, 2001 and 2003 when he was also crowned the overall national champion. Between 2010 and 2013 he claimed one overall and three Class P championships.

For this season he partnered up with Pieterse as navigator, who is currently placed second in class and overall for the navigators championship.

Pieterse also has a long pedigree in motorsport, including competing in motorcycle circuit racing and karting. He moved into the navigating role in off-road racing and claimed three national titles  (1987, 1989 and 1990) in the local championship, as well as runner-up placings in 1986 and 1987 in the Sun International Off-Road series.

Pieterse starting racing again three years ago, but this time in the driver's seat in a Class P Raceco. The vehicle is being completely rebuilt this year, thus opening the opportunity for him to navigate alongside Nel.

Together Nel, and Pieterse have scored five podium finishes so far in 2014. The season wraps up at the end of November on the Atlas Copco Gold 450 on Gauteng's West Rand.

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Final six for The Insurance Apprentice revealed

insurance apprentice

“A man is but the product of His thoughts. What he thinks, He becomes.”

Mahatma Gandhi

FAnews, a magazine and online publication focussing on the South African insurance and financial services industry launched The Insurance Apprentice, the first ever reality type series the South African insurance industry has ever seen, in July, similar to the UK Broker Apprentice.

We shared this great initiative with you in August which is all about human capital development, portraying the industry as an exciting one and giving young people a chance to learn and develop. The deadline for applications was the end of September, after which we have gone through quite a process to choose the best six apprentices.

With 117 applications received for The Insurance Apprentice, more than its UK counterpart, panel members invited 21 applicants to participate in a fun session that had them playing three strategic, yet thought provoking games in order to mark their spot in the final six of The Insurance Apprentice.

Who does not like to beat an opponent in a game situation by out-smarting them? Is it not gratifying when a planned strategy works to perfection and produces the winning play? Working together with a group, as well as individually to reach a strategic game goal can be rewarding.

The competition got stiffer in the second round of the selection process as the applicants required greater imaginative leaps than others, yet all three games had the common goal of being enjoyable at an individual as well as a group level. The games presented interesting insights to the individual’s thought processes, competitive natures and personalities.

Having been through the second round of the selection process the panellists have chosen the final six applicants they have earmarked as the best possible candidates for The Insurance Apprentice. The six industry representatives are Aaron Mrabalala, Azhar Said, Matthew George, Mopedi Melato, Roxanne Moodley and Walter Ngobene.

With the final six participants rounded up for The Insurance Apprentice the panellist are getting ready for the intense five day learning experience in which these six apprentices will be given the chance to showcase their skills through a variety of tasks within the market such as underwriting, broking and claims management in order to test their industry knowledge, resourcefulness and determination, that will ultimately be judged by an expert panel, which will include the industry’s very own ‘Donald Trump’.

The filming of The Insurance Industry will happen over five days in January 2015 where the six contestants will be rated according to their performance on each task. The unique video series which, will be hosted at the FNB Conference Training Centre, will enable viewers to watch and follow the journey to the crowning of The Insurance Apprentice winner.

The series will be aired early 2015 via the FAnews and The Insurance Apprentice websites, and the winner will become the first South African Insurance Apprentice who will walk away with a fantastic prize of a trip to Lloyds of London, sponsored by Lloyds of London.

The official sponsors of the first Insurance Apprentice series are Alexander Forbes, AON, Aquarius Underwriting Managers (AUM), Europ Assistance, FNB Insurance, Fulcrum, Hollard, the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA), Innovation Group, Inseta, Lloyds of London, Marsh South Africa, Milpark, MUA, Mutual & Federal, Norton Rose Fulbright, PWV Insurance Brokers and Stalker Hutchison Admiral (SHA).

An insurance career can offer stability, variety, challenges, rewards, above average potential for advancement and the opportunity for students to take their career where they want to go. The educating part is aimed at young industry people who are still finding their way in the industry, it is aimed at students studying insurance and it is aimed at a wider audience outside the industry – educating them about the complexities we have in our industry.

To keep up to date with The Insurance Apprentice we invite you to like The Insurance Apprentice Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/theinsuranceapprentice and follow The Insurance Apprentice on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/TheInsApp.

‘Follow the journey’ and stay abreast of the latest news and happenings of The Insurance Apprentice by signing up for the newsletter here.

Towards a more secure home: Keep your domestic staff safe


Domestic staff are often home alone for hours a day while the rest of the household is away at work and at school. For this reason, it is important to empower them with knowledge to ensure their safety and so they know what to do in an emergency.

Even before they get to work, there are precautions domestic staff can practice to enhance their safety as they commute. These practices should extend to the time that they are on duty:

  •  Domestic staff at adjacent and opposite properties should get to know each other and, where possible, walk from and to public transport together. It is also a good idea to exchange cellphone numbers so that they can easily alert one another of suspicious people or vehicles.
  • It's important to always keep security gates and doors locked. Workers might not hear an intruder over the noise of a vacuum cleaner or know that someone has entered the house while they are in the back yard. The alarm system must always be armed when they leave the house, even if only for a few minutes.
  • Anyone who arrives at the gate or door should not automatically be let inside. If there is any uncertainty about the individual's identity, ask for proof that they are who they claim to be and while the visitor waits outside, the domestic worker should contact their employer or the company the visitor says they work for.
  • Teach domestic staff how to arm and disarm the alarm system; they should ideally have their own code and password. Have a list of emergency contact numbers - including your cellphone number - stuck on or near the phone. These numbers should also be saved to cellphone memory.
  • Clearly state the steps your domestic worker needs to take in the event of an emergency (medical, fire, criminal incident).
  • Discuss any safety concerns or security issues you are aware of with your domestic staff.

By discussing safety with your domestic employees and introducing clear, easy to follow procedures, you can ensure their wellbeing and improve the security of your household – while simultaneously making it more difficult for criminals to ply their trade.

For more information on home and content insurance, visit www.miway.co.za

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct, short-term insurance company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household and homeowners insurance as well as add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover. MiWay's shareholder is Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

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Five arrested after business robbery in KwaDukuza

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Police line

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a joint operation held by KwaDukuza police assisted by the Durban Flying Squad, Tracker unit and a security company led to the arrest of five suspects a few hours after a business robbery was reported. Police followed up on information which led them to a house at Reservoir Hills where they found the five suspects. A safe, computer and electronic appliances suspected to be taken during a business robbery at KwaDukuza were recovered. All five suspects aged between 30 and 40 years or ages are due to appear in the KwaDukuza Magistrates’ Court soon facing charges of armed robbery.

In the early hours of this morning two security guards were on duty at business premises when they were approached by a group of suspects. It is alleged that the suspects held the security guards up and removed a safe, computer and electronic appliances. The suspects also stole two vehicles from the premises before they fled the scene. Later one of the vehicles, a truck, was found abandoned at Shakaville area near KwaDukuza. The second vehicle was later found abandoned at Clermont area near KwaDabeka. A case of business robbery was opened at the Kwadukuza police station for further investigation. KwaDukuza police immediately mobilized their members and other units to look for the suspects which led to the arrests.

The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Mmamonnye Ngobeni praised KwaDukuza SAPS for their swift response. "With Festive Season operations in full swing criminals can expect to feel the heat in KZN. Will ensure that lives of criminals in KZN will be miserable this festive season," she said.

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