Casual Day ambassadors celebrate Women’s Month

Casual Day ambassadors Kashveera Chanderjith and Nicole Laxton with Amahle Bani (centre) from Sunshine

Casual Day’s ambassadors Kashveera Chanderjith and Nicole Laxton celebrated the beginning of Women’s Month by visiting the Sunshine Association Early Learning Centre for children with disabilities in Elsburg, Germiston. Amongst other activities, they handed out toys to promote find motor co-ordination.

This was their way of paying homage to the women of our nation. Says Casual Day project leader Celeste Vinassa, “Whatever issues affect women in general, women with disabilities are also affected, be it violence, lack of employment, discrimination, lack of access to education, housing and opportunities – often affected far more profoundly. It is therefore important for us at Casual Day to raise awareness of the triumphs and stories of survival of women with disabilities. Casual Day is a huge community of people united to create a barrier-free society where all women are afforded respect and dignity.”

Casual Day is South Africa’s most successful fundraising project for persons with disabilities – and the amount raised for last year is R24.8 million. Sponsored by The Edcon Group, Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA), which this year celebrates 75 years of service to the community of persons with disabilities.

Casual Day is on Friday 5 September. The theme is Bring out the Bling.

Casual Day ambassador Nicole Laxton, who has Absence Epilepsy, says “Celebrating Women's Month for me is an endorsement of the incredible potential that women have to make a difference in South Africa. As a Casual Day ambassador and young woman, I have chosen to create awareness for children living with disabilities. I believe it's important for me to make a contribution to society and to reach out to people in my community to try to make a positive difference wherever I can. Women in South Africa have incredible talent and if collectively pooled we can accomplish great success not only in our professional lives but on a personal level as well.”

Casual Day ambassador Kashveera Chanderjith is the first profoundly deaf chartered accountant in South Africa. She is audit manager at Anglo American and is one of Accountancy SA’s 15 women representing transformation. She is a winner of a 2013 Siyabakhumbula Tributes Award for Business Excellence 2013 (Government & Civilian Award).

According to Kashveera “Woman’s day in South Africa unites the nation in striving for the upliftment and eradication of social barriers and to acknowledge and appreciate the role of woman in our everyday society. A woman is an embodiment of selflessness, fortitude and of incredible courage who has as her ethos great love to share with humanity at large.

“As a woman with a disability who aspires for greatness, the ability to allow innovation to transform and build inclusiveness in our modern day society is possible because of the multifaceted approach a woman has to all circumstances and the positivity she will continue to radiate. She is bold, she is bright, she is awesome and she transforms. This is the essence of being a woman.

Concludes Vinassa, “Our ambassadors are women who have succeeded despite their disabilities and are now helping others. They speak from experience and knowledge about disability. It’s called ‘self-advocacy’.”

The beneficiaries of Casual Day are:

National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

South African National Council for the Blind

South African Federation for Mental Health

Deaf Federation of South Africa

Autism South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa

National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

South African National Deaf Association

National Institute for the Deaf

Alzheimer’s South Africa

South African Disability Alliance

QuadPara Association of South Africa.

Stickers are available from:
Edgars, Jet, JetMart, Boardmans, CNA, Red Square and Legit;
Absa outlets;
Game and DionWired stores;
Shoprite and Checkers stores; and
Casual Day national office on 011 609 7006.


Twitter: @CasualDay_SA



MiHeart Project – feeding healthy minds on Mandela Day

Not only did 18 July 2014 mark Nelson Mandela International Day, but it was also the first without the great man. With its commitment to keeping Madiba’s legacy alive, and doing just as he did for over 67 years, MiWay sought to make a change through “small change” – by asking for the coins in the wallets of its employees.

Employees donated a minimum of R6.70 - a collection which went towards the soup kitchen of one of the MiHeart Project schools, Moletsane Secondary School in Soweto. The soup kitchen feeds hundreds of learners on a daily basis and helps nourish young minds. During school holidays, Moletsane Secondary School conducted extra lessons for the Grade 12 learners.

The MiHeart Project collected over R7000 and a number of MiHeart Volunteers braved the cold morning to ensure that a hearty lunch was served on time. Not only did they prepare a meal, they also served it to the Grade 12 leaners, parents and teachers of Moletsane Secondary School. Non-perishable goods were also donated to the school’s soup kitchen for their regular lunch programme.

Nthabiseng Moloi, Head of Marketing and Brand at MiWay said, “It was a great opportunity to give back to the community of Moletsane. We enjoyed taking over their kitchen for the day and spoilt the youngsters with lunch and special treats. The MiHeart Volunteers are inspired by the Zulu saying, ‘Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ – the African philosophy of kindness.”

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

Bloemfontein Mortgage syndicate in court for R55 million fraud

Today, a mortgage syndicate ringleader and his seven accomplices appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court on 13 counts of fraud to the value of R55 million.

The Directorate for Crime Investigation (the Hawks) arrested the eight-man syndicate during a two-day sting operation in the Free State.

The suspects misled the banks in their bond applications. They lied about their financials which led to the approval of their applications. The purchased properties were never taken up. For this reason, the falsified offers to purchase were submitted.

The ringleader, 40-year-old Abraham Jacobs Badenhorst, was joined by his accomplices, 40-year-old Philip Rudolph van Niekerk, 32-year-old Ryno Slabbert, 36-year-old Deon Daniel Slabbert, 37-year-old Andriaan van der Merwe, 32-year-old Hendrik Andries Roost, 41-year-old Morne van Aswegen and 38-year-old Jochemus Petrus De Bryn, who are believed to have acted in common purpose to commit the crime.

Two of the suspects were arrested in Potchefstroom in the North West, six of them in the Free State and one handed himself over in Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.

The syndicate was active from 2006 to 2009 and have been using more than 100 properties in the North West, KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State to defraud various banks.

A conveyancing, registering and transferring attorney, 39-year-old Jan Hatting of Hatting Attorneys in Bloemfontein is serving 20 years imprisonment for receiving the bond money which the banks had paid. The Bloemfontein Regional Court handed the sentence down in 2010. Hatting's attempt to appeal his sentence was turned down in 2012. He is now in prison.

The suspects were released on R10 000, 00 bail each and their case was postponed to 11 September 2014.

How the Humble Headlight Became Hot

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  • New Ford Fusion to include LED headlamps
  • Headlamps boast adaptive lighting technology
  • LEDs allow more freedom for car designers

PRETORIA, South Africa, 6 August 2014 - The car headlight should be a thing of beauty. Sure, you need it at night to see, but developments in headlight design mean they can be sleeker and more stylish than ever before.

For this we can thank science, which has given us Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Thanks to LEDs, designers now have much more flexibility when sculpting a car's headlights than they ever did with traditional car light bulbs, including modern xenon lamps.

Family saloons always used to look staid, but the looks of the new Ford Fusion, which goes on sale early next year, have been described abroad as "easily one of the hottest-looking cars" in its class. And it's in no small part thanks to its headlights.

"For the new Fusion we really wanted to exaggerate the slimness of the headlights, and LED technology allowed us to do that," said Chris Hamilton, chief designer at Ford. "That wouldn't have been possible with a traditional halogen reflector."

LEDs are so small they offer designers much more flexibility than traditional bulbs when sculpting a car's headlights. They can create lighting units that are not just functional but also radically improve the car's exterior.

Slim headlights can help to break up the corners of a vehicle and make it more streamlined. They even make it look lower, giving the impression of a sportier profile.

"Slim headlamps can make a vehicle's exterior appear more determined and aggressive," said Paul Wraith, Ford design manager. "They help give the appropriate sense of presence and purpose."

Because of their small diameter, the diodes can be arranged in patterns and controlled individually for special lighting effects for added wow factor, like a series of orange indicator lights that flash in sequence.

And as they produce considerably less heat than old-fashioned lamps, plastic internal lenses and components can be used, which are more easily moulded to match the designers' wishes.

"Headlamps are a little bit like icebergs - the bit that you see at the front is just a small portion of the whole unit," said Chris Hamilton. "LED units take up much less package space, so designers have more freedom to develop a theme."

And there's scope for more design innovation in the future. As technology progresses, designers will be able to consider more colours and even gradations of colour in light design. The headlight has a bright future.

  • The new Ford Fusion Titanium will be the first Ford vehicle in South Africa to use full-LED headlamps
  • For more information on the history of lighting, see Ford's interactive timeline at:
  • The interactive infographic may make mention of Ford models that are not available in South African and Sub-Saharan Afric, including S-MAX, Mondeo, and Galaxy

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MiWay’s CEO René Otto awarded for lifetime contribution to short-term insurance

MiWay CEO, René Otto was awarded the prestigious 2014 COVER Excellence Award in the category Lifetime contribution to the Short-term Insurance Industry at the annual COVER Excellence Awards which took place on 29 July 2014 at the 2014 Insurance Conference Gala and COVER Awards Dinner - Sun City. The COVER Excellence Awards recognise individuals for extraordinary effort and dedication to an industry aimed at improving the financial security of consumers.

Otto, who started his career as a State Advocate, entered the private sector in 1988 where he spent eight years with Auto and General – the only direct short-term insurance company at the time. Shortly thereafter, he was requested by RMB Holdings to create the blueprint for OUTsurance.

He held the position of CEO of OUTsurance and was at the forefront of innovation and the world-first OUTbonus concept.  He exited once the company had reached critical mass and enjoyed 18 months of profitability.  Otto was also the CEO of Channel Life from September 2004 until June 2007, a medium-sized life insurance company, where he extended his track record of building sustainable businesses in the short-term industry to the life insurance industry.

On request of Sanlam, Santam and PSG, Otto launched MiWay in February 2008 with yet a number of industry “firsts”: i.e. (1) the first to offer the purchase and administration of short-term insurance on-line; and (2) the first to offer a rewards programme where a claim does not invalidate the rewards pay-out.  In just 6 years, he steered MiWay into a profitable medium-sized company, boasting a critical mass of over 220,000 clients.

It is befitting that the Life Time Achievement Award is in recognition of an individual’s ongoing commitment to the industry over a substantial period of time – and how their contribution has shaped the industry in such a way as to encourage further innovation and dedication from others.

“Receiving this Award is a great honour, but credit should really go to the dedicated teams and wonderful people I have worked with over the years. I had great mentors and I have also been fortunate to have had incredible support from shareholders – without which an award of this nature would not have happened,” said Otto.

“Despite this being a very competitive and challenging industry, the award is a reminder of the incredible journey I have had so far.  I am truly grateful to those that have walked beside me, especially my wife Carole and our children,” concludes Otto.

Otto joins an impressive group of other Life Time Award winners like Adrian Gore, Junior Ngulube, Willem Theron and Louis Fivaz.

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct, short-term insurance company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household and homeowners insurance as well as add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover. MiWay's shareholder is Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

G4S handed back control of Mangaung Correctional Centre

The Department of Correctional Services has handed back full control of the Mangaung Correctional Centre to Bloemfontein Correctional Contracts (BCC) and G4S Correction Services Bloemfontein with effect from this Friday, 1 August. This was after the department took control of the facility in October 2013 following the dismissal of 326 employees by G4S who had embarked on an unprotected strike.

The handover was confirmed by acting National Commissioner at the Department of Correctional Services, Mr Zach Modise.  “As a department, we are satisfied that the issues that led to our takeover of the Mangaung Correctional Centre have been resolved and we will continue to work with G4S to ensure a phased handover and operation of the facility” said Modise.

The department had invoked section 112 of the Correctional Services Act to take operational control of the centre on 9 October 2014.

Commenting on the handover, Andy Baker, Regional President for G4S Africa said “We would like to thank the department for its leadership on this matter throughout this period and we will continue to work with the department and our labour partners, the Police and Prison Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) to ensure that operations are stabilised”.

As part of the resolution of the dispute, G4S has agreed to re-employ all 326 dismissed employees with full recognition of years of service and seniority, and subject to relevant disciplinary measures where they are applicable. Baker said the company and union will work with an outside facilitator to continue to improve employee relations.

POPCRU Deputy President, Nathi Mabhida welcomed the move, noting that the standoff had proven disruptive to their members. “We maintain our members’ rights to raise any issue that relates to employment conditions but will strive to ensure that these will be done within the existing structures and governance framework” said Mabhida.

ER24 warns against the dare game knows as “fire-challenge”

People are screaming of pain and its a direct result of people taking part in the fire-challenge, a dare game that has gone viral on social media where the participant voluntary set themselves alight by applying flammable liquids such as rubbing alcohol onto their body and filming the outcome.

As far as we can determine one of the first fire-challenge videos were uploaded in April 2012 onto YouTube where the user sets his chest hair alight. Since its upload the video has had more than one hundred thousand views.

It appears that in April 2013 a Vine user introduced the hash tag fire-challenge and it accompanied videos of users setting themselves alight.

The challenge is to set yourself alight and extinguish the flames as fast as you can; however it rarely has a desirable outcome. We have watched almost a hundred videos on the Internet on this so-called fire-challenge and none of them was without injury, pain or even death. In Buffalo New York a fifteen-year-old boy has died after participating in the fire-challenge game. Reported in an online newspaper on the 24th of July this year he doused himself with alcohol and was set ablaze by his friends.

Apparently he was not near any water source and could not stop the fire quick enough and sustained serious burn wounds.

Even getting into water quickly can still leave serious burn wounds and inhalation burns can lead to suffocation.

Often people are posting challenges on various social media sites and other users are soon to follow, some of them ending in death.

Challenges like the neknomination where you had to down an alcohol beverage and so forth also had its fair share of victims.

These challenges do not only affect children, but adults as well. However, children are more susceptible to these challenges to establish a point of hierarchy within their friends’ circle.

The choking game is still popular under many teens, although not always identified in time and correctly. Teens would strangulate each other to the point where they pass out or get the feeling of being high. Some will go as far to tie a belt or a rope around their neck and hang themselves from a door handle or bedpost. Many have died because of this so-called game.

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A good reason to consolidate with MiWay

Today, leading insurance provider MiWay announced the launch of an offer that puts a spin on consolidation – making car and household insurance even more affordable than ever before. This offer encourages clients to pull their insurable assets together and reap the benefits of a consolidated policy. A typical family with two cars will get at least 25% off on the cheapest car’s premium and up to 25% discount on their home contents cover if they choose to insure their cars and home contents with MiWay.

“We pride ourselves in being an insurer that is always trying to find solutions to make our clients’ lives easier. With the current economic climate, we understand how each rand back in consumers’ pockets makes a difference. The concept of consolidation is not new to the industry, but MiWay’s discount offering stands out above the rest with significant savings to the consumer,” says René Otto, CEO of MiWay.

The MiWay offer not only offers consumers savings in the form of cash, but also in the form of time – freeing them from the added admin burden of managing more than one insurance policy.

Greta Goosen, Head of Client Services at MiWay says: “We find a lot of consumers who get married or start living together, often overlook the opportunity that comes with pulling their resources together. This is certainly a perfect offer for them.”

Large families who might have had to make the tough choice on which cars to insure and which to leave out, will most probably be the biggest beneficiaries of this offer – with FREE insurance on the cheapest car, when you insure five cars with MiWay.

“It just makes sense. The more you insure with us, the more you save. Consumers can benefit from a consolidated policy and enjoy all the rewards that they have come to expect from MiWay,” concludes Otto.

The Offer:

  • Insure 2 cars and get at least 25% off the cheapest car’s premium
  • Insure 3 cars and get at least 50% off the cheapest car’s premium
  • Insure 4 cars and get at least 75% off the cheapest car’s premium
  • Insure 5 cars and get the cheapest car insured for free
  • Insure at least one car and add household contents and get up to 25% off home contents insurance

Not yet a MiWay client? Visit our website, for an obligation free quote for car or home contents insurance.

MiWay is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence no: 33970)

Additional Info:

MiWay Insurance Limited (‘MiWay’) is a direct, short-term insurance company, offering customers a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household and homeowners insurance as well as add-on products such as warranty cover and liability cover. MiWay's shareholder is Santam, a blue-chip JSE-listed company.

New Toyota GT86 CS-R3 Rally Car To Make World Rally Championship Debut

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Toyota’s new GT86 CS-R3 rally car will make its public debut next month on the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, ninth round of this year’s FIA World Rally Championship. Engineered by Toyota Motorsport (TMG), this competition version of the multi-award-winning coupe marks a return to Toyota’s rallying roots with rear-wheel drive performance that echoes the winning pedigree of the Celica TA64 Twin-cam Turbo of the 1980s.

The decision to develop the rally car amplifies Toyota’s global theme of “fun to drive, again” and its encouragement of grass-roots motorsport. Although the prototype CS-R3 is breaking cover at a high-profile WRC event, the finished car will be available as a cost-effective competition model for private customers participating at all levels of the sport.

The CS-R3, in development for the past year, will be not be competing in Rallye Deutschland, but will be put through its paces as the official “pathfinder” zero car, driven through each stage as a safety test
immediately ahead of the field.

Isolde Holderied, a double women’s world rally champion, will be driving the CS-R3 and an important part of her job will be to evaluate its performance so that final adjustments can be made to its design prior to homologation to international R3 competition criteria.

TMG’s extensive development programme has focused on reducing weight and ensuring safety, reliability and fun. The FIA R3 class allows modifications to be made to the two-litre boxer engine; changes to the software and to physical elements such as the cam-lift and compression ratio are expected to increase the unit’s output to between 240 and 250bhp.

The CS-R3 also benefits from a sequential shift six-speed transmission and a limited-slip rear differential, together with a weight-optimised safety cage, designed to FIA requirements. TMG has sourced tailor-made wiring looms and motorsport engine ECUs, and market-leading Tarmac and gravel suspension kits have been developed.

The CS-R3 has been tested on different surfaces in readiness for Rallye Deutschland, which will cover 170 miles over 18 stages from 21 to 24 August.

The first customer cars will be available in kit form during the first quarter of 2015, with prices expected to be comparable with other R3 cars. Prices will be announced following confirmation of final specifications.

Nico Ehlert, TMG Principal Engineer – Customer Motorsport, said: “It’s important to say that the GT86
CS-R3 which Isolde will drive is not the finished article; we need the data from Rallye Deutschland to finalise our development programme. But it does represent a significant step in the GT86 CS-R3 story and gives a clear indication to our future customers that this project is progressing quickly.

“The fact we are testing our prototype on a very public stage, the FIA World Rally Championship, shows what confidence we have in this project. Interest in this car has already exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to customer and fan feedback from the rally.”

Toyota Motorsport GT86 CS-R3 technical specifications

Type FA20
Configuration Horizontally opposed, 4-cylinder
Displacement (cc) 1,998
Max. power (bhp) 240 – 250
Exhaust HJS racing exhaust and  exhaust manifold
Fuel  tank 75-litre FT3 safety cell
Bodywork Steel monocoque bodyshell with roof ventilation
Roll cage Homologated FIA R3-standard safety cage
Type Rear-wheel drive
Gearbox 6-speed sequential
Differential Limited-slip with variable ramp settings
Final  drive Short final drive,  with options
Clutch Racing clutch and  lightweight flywheel
Steering JTEKT hydraulic power steering with short ratio
Front MacPherson-type
Rear Double  wishbone
Shock  absorbers Reiger, 3-way adjustable for Tarmac and gravel
Wheels Tarmac OZ 7 x 17in
Gravel OZ 6 x 15in
Front discs Tarmac 330 x 30mm
Gravel 300 x 30mm
Rear  discs Tarmac 300 x 10mm
Gravel 300 x 10mm
Callipers Front: 4-pot

Rear: 2-pot  (regulation)

Overall  length (mm) 4,240
Overall  width  (mm) 1,775
Wheelbase (mm) 2,570
Minimum weight (kg|) 1,080 (regulation)

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Suzuki outboard motor production reaches three-million mark

Suzuki Motor Corporation has underlined its status as a major player in the global marine outboard motor market by achieving a milestone three-million production figure. The brand’s outboard motors are marketed in 144 countries and regions worldwide, and enjoy an established reputation for innovation, performance and reliability.

Suzuki started development of an outboard motor range in 1962, and launched its first outboard motor, the 98 cc, 5,5 horsepower D55 in April 1965. Since then, Suzuki has continuously expanded its outboard range.

The line-up includes four-stroke motors ranging in power from 2,5 to

300 horsepower, as well as two-stroke motors from 9,9 to 40 horsepower. The outboard motors are produced at the company’s Toyokawa plant in Japan, as well as at Thai Suzuki Motor Company in Thailand.

A key technology developed by Suzuki, and incorporated in a growing number of its outboard engines, is the Lean Burn Control System, which predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, and adjusts fuel mixture accordingly to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency under any given operating parameters.

The process demands a highly sophisticated fuel injection system that allows fuel to be injected at precisely controlled rates and volumes, allowing a more efficient combustion process, and resulting in more power for less fuel at reduced emissions.

Other technologies incorporated into Suzuki’s advanced outboard engines include multipoint fuel injection, variable valve timing, and multi-stage induction, all of which contribute to enhanced performance and efficiency, as well as lower operating costs.

Suzuki won the inaugural US National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award with its DT200 Exanté outboard motor in 1987, and has won the award seven times, most recently for the DF300AP in 2012.

In addition to their acknowledged track record for innovation, Suzuki outboard motors are also renowned for their quality, durability, low weight, compact form factor and ease of use.

Suzuki will be celebrating 50 years of marine outboard motor sales in 2015.

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