Do you need a reminder to check your life insurance?

Life is seldom predictable – the one day you can be strolling along in good health – the next moment you might be injured, disabled or dead!

At the start of the New Year it is best advised to reflect on where we are in life, who might depend on our good health and what the consequences might be of a worst case scenario….

Having been behind the development of the Arrive Alive website and the Accidents Blog, I am well aware of the risks on our roads. I must admit that even I am frequently surprised by the strangest of video and photo evidence of accidents.

These images and videos are constant reminders of the fact that accidents happen – and that alertness might not be the only protection available. Effective insurance is needed to protect dependents and even business partners in the event of permanent disability and death!

On this Blog we will discuss many of the concerns about insurance – and advise visitors on how to protect themselves from those events they cannot merely side-step!!

View the video titled “Close Call”

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