Video of accident a reminder that life can end abrubtly!!

During the past 7 years the Arrive Alive website has received numerous videos and photos of horrific accidents. For some strange reason the public has always, despite the blood, trauma and horror of accidents kept searching for these images!

It is always interesting to monitor with the analytics tools such as Google analytics why people visit a blog about accidents and often -the more horrific and tragic the accident – the more visitors keep returning to the site.

We can only hope that they are not only amazed – but do in fact change their own driving behaviour – or take measures to protect not only themselves, but also their loved ones!

No matter how unpleasant it might be , we need to ask the question “What if? These questions should include:

  • What if you or your spouse were to pass away in a car accident today?
  • What if your business partners were to pass away today?
  • Would you and your loved ones be adequately protected?

Do not delay getting your financial affairs and insurance needs sorted! Ask these questions and ensure that those who depend on you do not suffer mor than just missing you!!

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